Hello Internet! Lewis and I have decided to start a blog to document our daily happenings and random thoughts. I tried blogging in the past and probably posted a total of ten posts over a period of several months and then abandoned the idea. But, life is more interesting with a baby! There are so many photos and exciting new accomplishments to share! (And this way I can share everything with those who are interested without flooding Facebook with a million pictures and posts every day.) So, this Mama Tree and her little one are going to attempt this blogging thing again.

I need to work on formatting the look of the blog, but I figured I would go ahead and get started with writing. I especially need to find/create a better image for the banner. The current one doesn’t have much to do with anything, it is just from a photo of a card I had made a while ago. Ideally we will have a picture of a tree and/or Lewis. It’s hard to find pictures that crop down well into a long skinny shape.

Anyway, enough blogging about blogging! We all know you came here to see this:

Om nom nom! I have come to eat your laptop!

Om nom nom! I have come to eat your laptop!

Bonus points if you recognize what show we were watching in the background.