What We Are Up To

This weekend has been one of those “busy” weekends that seems to fly by, even though we didn’t really go anywhere and were mostly just hanging out as a family.

Yesterday Chris made a batch of his home-brew beer in the morning. It’s a pretty long process but there are a lot of parts where things are just boiling or coming up to temperature or whatever. I was on Lewie-duty for the busy parts, and Chris hung out and played with us at the points in the process when he could. There are a few parts in the beer-making that I usually help out with. The first part is straining the water through the grains, which lined up perfectly with Lewis’ nap. I also help out with balancing things when it is time to pour it from the pot into the jug. (Obviously not the technical terms for everything. I just do what Chris tells me.) Lewis was awake at this point. He loves to open our lower cabinets in the kitchen and peek inside, and the one where we keep frying pans and sauce pans happened to be mostly empty, so I sat him inside to see how he’d react.

He thought it was the funniest thing and played in there for several minutes with one of the little pots that was still in there.

He thought it was the funniest thing and played in there for several minutes with one of the little pots that was still in there.

He came out of there and sat playing with the pot on the floor while Chris and I took care of the beer. He was getting a little antsy towards the end and tried climbing up me which made things interesting, but we managed to finish.

Since he got a nice early start on the beer we still had plenty of time in the afternoon to enjoy the warm weather. We went for a long walk and explored some new streets we hadn’t walked down before. Lewis fell asleep in his stroller, which he almost always does on long walks, and we decided to swing by TCBY for some yummy frozen yogurt on the way home. After Lewis woke up he and Chris went outside to play in the yard around the apartment buildings, and I took the opportunity to do some sewing (although I never seem to get as much done as I want.) Chris made us a yummy spicy curry dinner which Lewis didn’t like, and we relaxed and played for the rest of the evening.

IMG_5569Today we made delicious sourdough waffles for breakfast. (I love breakfast food!) Then we had more outside-time with a walk to CVS (got some baby sunscreen finally) and then wandered around a bit, then to the co-op for groceries. Lewis was kind of off schedule today and didn’t want to give in to napping. I ended up sending him off for a second walk with Chris while I worked on getting some soup started for dinner, and he managed to fall asleep finally in his stroller. After he woke up I took him outside for a quick play time in the grass since it was so perfect out today.

I love weekends like this when we can just spend time as a family doing cooking projects, playing outside, and enjoying each other’s company.  It seems to be the perfect mix of relaxing and doing things we like, but still being busy.