(un)Wrapping Presents

Lewis and I got to work on wrapping most of our presents today! I would say “all” of our presents, but there are a couple of handmade things I’ve been slacking on finishing up, as well as one thing for Chris that hasn’t even shipped yet. And of course I can’t wrap Lewis’ presents in front of him, so those will be done at some point when he is sleeping. Unfortunately, he seems to be boycotting sleep this week.

We started out by wrapping as many as we could with our beautiful homemade paper. I love it!



Lewis was quite happy for a while playing with some Christmas decorations, watching me, playing with the tape dispenser and holding my scissors. Yes Daddy, I let him hold the scissors. No, he didn’t cut any fingers off or poke out an eye. They are children’s scissors after all and he was very good about just holding them gently and carefully inspecting them.

After many presents were wrapped, however, the novelty began to wear off for him and started to realize that some of the things that I was wrapping in all this paper were a bit interesting. A few things he tried to steal pre-wrapping, and he also attempted to unwrap one of the presents for Daddy.

So I gave him his own presents to unwrap!

IMG_2068I basically just started taking scraps of wrapping paper, grabbing nearby toys, and wrapping them quickly and messily, then giving them to him to pull the paper off of. He loved it! He didn’t really care what it was inside, it was just the fact that he got to unwrap something that he enjoyed. Bonus: he should be able to handle unwrapping his own presents on Christmas for the most part, with maybe just a little help getting the edge of the paper started.

We had fun with our festive present wrapping and unwrapping, but besides that today has been a bit of a flop. Lewis’ 15 month appointment was this morning and he was not at all happy with it. He was fine in the waiting room, and getting weighed (he got to stand on the big scale this time!) but once we went in the exam room it was all downhill. He tolerated having his chest listened to and his ears looked into, cried his way through having his tummy poked, height measured, etc. and continually tried to escape the room after that. We did manage to wander out of the room and find some toys to play with while the doctor prepped his immunization shots, but of course it was back to tears as soon as we had to go back in the room to get his shots.

Lunch and morning nap were fine, but then his afternoon nap didn’t happen and instead just consisted of him crying for several minutes, my going and getting him, comforting him, re-settling him, only to have him cry again for many more minutes. Eventually I went back to him when it is clear that he wasn’t going to relax, and he happily played (and unwrapped presents) for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Then bedtime rolled around and there was much more struggles and crying in the crib, eventually ending in this:

WP_20131209_003The poor thing wore himself out with his extra long afternoon and all his crying, and ended up falling asleep nursing which he has not done in several months. He is getting two molars in but we gave him some Tylenol, some I’m not really sure if the issue is to do with discomfort from that or just general overtiredness and too many fun and exciting things to do.

Thankfully he is peacefully asleep in his crib now, and hopefully we will have a normal night (which still involves one or two more wake-ups) and a better day tomorrow!



Sensory Play And A Busy Baby

They (whoever “they” are) say that time flies when you are having a good time. This must have been a great week because it went by in a flash. We seem to have had our usual mix of being busy without actually doing much of anything.

Monday was Lewis’ birthday.  It was pretty low-key as far as birthday related things, but we kept plenty busy. We took his 1-year birthday photos, had a wonderful time playing outside in some perfect weather, and baked a yummy peach cake which I very sadly dropped on it’s way out of the oven. I was able to save about half of it. It tasted good but wasn’t very pretty.

Tuesday Lewis had his 1 year check up which went very well. There were 4 different immunization shots he had to have, which wasn’t fun but he did great with it. We also did some sensory play with tiny dry pasta. I use an old sheet under most of our messy play to aid clean-up, and since the sheet itself doesn’t get messy from dry pasta we used it to build an awesome fort afterwards. Lewis decided this was a great place to play peek-a-boo in and out of, read books inside of, and also to cuddle up and nurse!

IMG_9742The rest of the week was pretty rainy, and we were mostly trapped inside. We snuck in a couple small walks when we got the chance, but most of our time was spent reading books and doing who-knows-what. We did do a lot of sensory play this week, since it is a great way to focus our energy and also mix things up so we don’t feel too “trapped” by the rainy weather. We played with the dry pasta on three different days.

We also played with jello on Thursday which was a lot of fun. Of course Lewis enjoyed tasting it but he also liked digging his fingers around in it, picking it up and squishing it, etc.

IMG_9827Our jello play was made even more exciting by a huge thunderstorm that came through while we were playing. There was hail hitting the windows and a lot of loud thunder (which luckily doesn’t scare Lewis yet) and then we lost power.

My jello clean-up plan had been to pop him in the bath when he was done playing but since the bathroom has no windows it’s pretty much pitch black with the power off, so I had to come up with a Plan B. I ended up just picking him up and sitting him in the nearby kitchen sink which worked perfectly. Luckily water still runs when the power is off. We cleaned up with cold water and Lewis stayed happy and entertained playing with the sink sprayer thingy.

He got a little brave and tried putting his feet in it a bit, but not too much. He's sometimes a bit reluctant to feel new things with his feet, even things like walking over my yoga mat.

He got a little brave and tried putting his feet in it a bit, but not too much. He’s sometimes a bit reluctant to feel new things with his feet, even things like walking over my yoga mat.

We haven’t been doing a lot of sensory play over the summer (maybe once a week or so we will do something) but I think we will be getting back into it a lot more now as the weather starts to cool and gets rainy, and especially once winter is here. I have a few play experiences in mind for the new future including making playdough for him, putting flour or cornmeal on a tray and letting him explore it, and cooking up some large tapioca pearls that I bought a while ago (just cooking them in water, not making pudding.) Once the leaves start turning color a bit more I will probably also make him a bin full of fall leaves, although he is already enjoying playing with the ones he finds on the ground outside.

This week seemed to have a pretty good mix of busy and relaxing, although maybe I need a bit more “down time” so I can get a chance to write blog posts a bit more often!



Out And About

Today was a busy day for us! We had Lewis’ 6 month appointment this morning. The appointment was at 10:00 and he sleeps until anywhere from 8:30 to 9:30 each morning so I had set an alarm to make sure we were up, but today was an 8:30 day anyway. We got to the doctor office right at 10:00 and then of course had to wait 20 minutes to be seen!

We had to get vaccines today which Lewis did NOT approve of. One of them is an oral liquid they have to swallow. When he first had it at 2 months he drank it right down like it was yummy. At 4 months he laughed as it went into his mouth and spit it everywhere. Today he cried and cried and cried and turned his head away and spit it out. I think a big part of him rejecting it today had to do with the doctor’s approach to giving it to him, which was to shove it in his mouth with no warning. Lewis is not at all used to this as we are doing Baby Led Weaning. The only things to go into his mouth are things that he puts there himself. He is able to look at, smell, feel, squish, and otherwise explore things and then make his own choice of whether to eat them. It was probably quite startling to have medicine shoved into his mouth!

Eating bananas is serious work!

Eating bananas is serious work!

After the doctor visit we were off to CVS to pick up some Nystatin cream for an ongoing yeast diaper rash we have been struggling with. We got home with his prescription only to discover that it was the oral Nystatin, for thrush, and not the cream we needed. Lesson learned to double-check these things before leaving the pharmacy! We went back to CVS for the correct prescription after calling and talking to the doctor.

Lewis fell asleep in his stroller after we picked up the cream, so I decided to keep walking and stop by the library next. Today was the first day to sign up for the next session of their “Baby Lap Time” class, which is for babies under 2 years and includes “simple stories, songs and finger plays, as well as activities using music and movement.” I knew we should go sign up today or tomorrow because it is weirdly competitive to get into. I tried to sign up for the current session but by the time I went in the class was already full with a waiting list! They should really just offer it twice a week or something. I got a glimpse of the sign up sheet when she was putting down our names and there are at least two other 6 month old babies I noticed. The class starts at the end of March and I think it will be good for both of us to get out and meet some other babies and mommies!

Somebody doesn't like to lean back into his seat anymore to get buckled in. He is a "big boy" and a pro at sitting, and he thinks he should be able to sit upright in his carseat/stroller too. I guess it's time to remove the infant seat and let him ride in the regular stroller!

Somebody doesn’t like to lean back into his seat anymore to get buckled in. He is a “big boy” and a pro at sitting, and he thinks he should be able to sit upright in his carseat/stroller too. I guess it’s time to remove the infant seat and let him ride in the regular stroller like the big boy he is!