Photo Friday

Sink bath after a muddy day at camp.

Sink bath after a muddy day at camp.

He was very interested in the seagull statue.

He was very interested in the seagull statue.

What a cute happy boy! He loved playing on the swing bench.

What a cute happy boy! He loved playing on the swing bench.





Yay! Playing with water is fun!

Yay! Playing with water is fun!

Busy Weekend Away

Sorry I haven’t posted in almost a week! We left Friday to head up to my family’s cabin on Lake Champlain, and got back Tuesday. Yesterday Lewis and I were busy settling back in here and unpacking.

As usual our time at the camp was lovely, busy, and too short. Last time we went up it was quite chilly out. This time the weather started off pretty mild and then got hot and humid. Friday was a very nice day. Chris made a fire and we had hotdogs and s’mores for dinner. (Lewis had strawberries.) My uncle and cousin also arrived on Friday. They were pretty busy working on the treehouse all weekend so we didn’t see a ton of them.

Saturday started out nice but a little chillier than I expected. A couple of my best friends came and visited with us for a few hours. Lewis wasn’t sure what to think of them, but warmed up after a while. We had some rain saturday afternoon but not too much.

For some reason I hardly took any photos the first few days. Most of the photos we took were of our Tegu blocks. (Which reminds me… I need to submit those photos for a chance to win more blocks!)

IMG_7053On Sunday Aunties Ellen and Sallie came to visit. We hung out and chatted and then got brave and went for a swim! The lake was quite cold but it was refreshing. Lewis loved it and didn’t seem to mind the cold. It started raining again shortly after our swim, so all our towels and swim suits got soaked.

Sunday was also Chris and my 1 year anniversary! A year ago we were up at the camp for our wedding. It has been a really wonderful and busy year together, and we are looking forward to many many more years with each other. We didn’t do any big celebration, just enjoyed our favorite wine together after Lewis went to bed, played Yahtzee (I kicked his butt) and looked through some of our wedding photos.

Monday was very busy because we went to the laundromat and walked all around town and played in two different parks while the laundry was running.

IMG_7206It was pretty hot out and on the way back we stopped for some ice cream, and Lewis got to have his first taste.

IMG_7226We got more rain Monday night. All that rain made for a lot of mud!

IMG_7095Tuesday was time to start packing up and getting ready to go home. The family has two cabins and I asked Chris to drive some things across the street to put away in the other cabin until we’ll be there again. He thought it would be easiest to back up to the door to unload things, but didn’t factor in the wet lawn.

He ended up stuck in the mud. We tried several things to get the car out ourselves but the front tires were just spinning and digging themselves deeper into the mud. We thought if we left it alone for a bit the sun would dry out the ground and we might have better luck. Of course another rainstorm rolled in with the heaviest rain we had seen yet. Even the lake started getting muddy from the hard fast rain coming down.

IMG_7270We admitted defeat and called a tow company to get the car out. I had tried to convince Chris that getting stuck was just a sign we needed to stay at the lake an extra day, but he has this pesky thing called “work” that he needed to go to. Oh well! At least we got the car out and were still able to make it home in time to have dinner and watch So You Think You Can Dance.

IMG_7280I think we’re all caught up! Expect more lake photos in tomorrow’s Photo Friday post.







Photo Friday

So sweet when he sleeps. He loves to snuggle on top of the blankie that Grandma knit for him.

So sweet when he sleeps. He loves to snuggle on top of the blankie that Grandma knit for him.


Cuddling my cutie in a towel after swimming last weekend.




Chillin’ in a cooler. (While Mommy’s hand hovers nearby since the cooler was very tippy.)


He loves pasta sauce. He actually chose to eat fistfulls of sauce over eating the blueberries I had offered.


The giraffe is usually attached to the crib and plays white-noise sounds. He decided to unvelcro it and play with it before falling asleep for his nap.

Safe Sensory Play For Babies

When I decided to start a “sensory bin” with Lewis when he was 5 or 6 months old, I was really disappointed with the lack of ideas I could find that were truly safe for young babies. Unfortunately, a lot of the “traditional” sensory materials such as dry rice, beans, sand, and paint just are not safe for young babies who use their mouth as their main way to explore the world. A lot of ideas I found seem to revolve around just putting toys, kitchen items, etc. in a bin for baby to explore. This is fun a few times, but eventually it becomes just another bin of chunky plastic/wooden/metal items. Where was all the messy truly full-body sensory play for babies?

As I’ve continued to search the web and engage Lewis in various types of play I’ve come across many more ideas and also come up with a few of my own. The main thing I’ve realized is that if baby is going to put the materials in their mouth, you need to use something that is truly edible. Food. (Yes, play with food can be controversial and I know some people are not comfortable using food in play for a variety of reasons. I am not going to go in depth about that here, but if you are interested I highly recommend the Child’s Play 101 – Fun with Food post over on Train Up a Child.)

I’ve decided to compile a list of sensory play ideas for babies, to help out all those other Mamas like me who want to use some sensory play with a young baby but don’t quite know where to start. Remember, these are just suggestions to get you started and spark some play. Don’t feel that you have to recreate another mother’s activity in the exact way that she has done it. Just have fun!


Why Use Sensory Play?

Besides the fact that it is just plain fun, sensory play is incredibly important for children of all ages. Children (and adults!) learn best when using their senses – the more senses that get involved the more information will be taken in and retained. Sensory play is play with materials that involve the senses in many ways, but especially through touch and experiencing different textures. It is often messy, and that is part of the fun and also the benefit of it. When a child is allowed to experience slimy mud, sticky paint, or even just water from head-to-toe they really are learning and experiencing with their full body.

For babies, sensory play is a great way to begin learning about their world. When you are a baby, everything is new to you. Every new texture, smell, taste, every object you interact with helps fire up the neurons in your brain and form connections that will be with you for the rest of your life.


Through sensory play a baby can learn about the textures and properties of different materials- how is water different from dry pasta or jiggly jello? Interacting with materials will help develop both large and small muscle groups throughout the body. Using food materials in play can help baby become comfortable with a variety of tastes and textures, and lead to better eating throughout life.  Sensory play also helps a child begin to discover math and science concepts through scooping, dumping, mixing, pouring, etc. The learning really never ends with sensory play, all while the child feels like they are just having a good time.

When starting sensory play with an infant it is important to keep things simple. A big bowl or plastic bin with your sensory material in it is really all they need to start exploring. I like to give Lewis a couple of toys or tools (spoons, scoops, etc.) just to give him the opportunity to explore in a different way but more often than not these objects are simply ignored. If you get too complicated and provide too many options of toys baby can feel overwhelmed or it may just draw their attention away from the actual sensory material.

A few notes on safety: While many of the items on this list are safe for babies of any age, please use your own judgement. You know your child and their abilities best, so please do not give them anything that you are not comfortable with them putting into their mouth. Lewis is now 9 months and I am including some items which I am just starting to feel comfortable giving to him. Also, please ALWAYS supervise your child during sensory play. Your baby will do things and get into situations that you never expected, and it is important to be there both for their safety and comfort. Many of these materials can make the floor slippery if spilled out of a sensory bin (or if the child decides to crawl through them.)


Water Play:

Dry Materials: Dry materials are great because they can be saved and re-used over and over, minimizing waste.

Cooked Materials: Many of the sensory materials that you would use with an older child an be cooked to make them soft and safe for baby. Using leftovers from dinner is a great option, especially if your family is not good about eating up leftovers.

Gooey Things: You can give baby a big bin full and let them squish their hands through. Or use just a small amount, maybe with some food color added and allow them to “paint” with it. Some of these aren’t exactly healthy, but eating a bit while playing isn’t going to hurt baby.


Fresh Produce: These are fun and healthy if baby eats them, but not as cost effective as many of the other options. Be smart about what you are giving baby, and don’t throw away money on expensive fruits and veggies. Buy things on sale. Look for the cheapest option. Use something you already have on hand that is past its prime.

Recipes: There are a lot of fun sensory materials that you can make using ingredients from your kitchen.

Add-Ins and Variations: Remember that all of this is just suggestions. Play around with your materials and try out new combinations.

  • Try freezing a material. Baby will have fun exploring the changing texture as it thaws. The Imagination Tree had fun with frozen Jello. (They added sparkles which obviously should be left out for a baby.)
  • Add food coloring.
  • Add some ice cubes. Play will change as the cubes melt into the other material.
  • Mix two materials from different categories. You could put one material in each end of a bin or in two bins side by side, and let them become mixed as baby plays and explores. Yogurt and cooked rice. Oatmeal and flour. Applesauce and cornstarch. If you are mixing two things that also means you would need a smaller amount of each, which is great if you are using leftovers.

What kind of sensory play have you enjoyed with your baby or young toddler? Did this post help inspire you to try some new materials?

Another Kind Of Play Dough

We’ve all used play dough as a child, or given it to our own children to play with. That soft squishy dough is perfect for cutting, molding, squishing, rolling, squeezing. There are tons of recipes out there, and of course the store bought version, and all have a very similar very familiar texture (and saltiness!)

I’ve been thinking about the origins of play dough, and other types of dough. There is bread dough, cookie dough, etc. Play dough is obviously not a dough meant to make food. The results would not be delicious were you to cook it. On the other hand, those “food” type doughs each have their own fun squishy textures. Why don’t you ever read about a lump of bread dough as a sensory play material for kids? Or pie crust dough? That would be more mold-able than bread dough.

I recently posted about making “cloud dough” for Lewis. This mixture of flour and oil is quite crumbly but can be somewhat formed or packed into containers. I’ve also heard it called “moon sand” as the texture is a bit like damp beach sand. We played with it twice and he did enjoy squishing it, putting it on his feet, and of course throwing it. But the second time his play was much shorter and I could tell he was getting bored of it. That kid has a short attention span. I didn’t want to just throw it out as it is still “good” but I didn’t really want to store it somewhere for weeks/months either. So I decided to do a little experiment with it. I added 1/4 c water slowly to the dough and mixed it in bit by bit. As I expected it turned out a bit like pie crust dough, but I decided to continue squishing it and mixing it which made it form together more. It was sort of sticky at first but the more I squished it the more firm and smooth it became and less sticky. It also was quite stretchable.

I gave it to Lewis and he had fun squishing and pulling it for a little while.




"How does it taste?"

“How does it taste?”

I wasn’t sure how messy it would be, but it actually wasn’t messy at all. The only “messy” factor was that it was a bit greasy since I made it with the cloud dough which has a lot of oil in it. Our hands and the floor got slightly oily but that was it.

Lewis tried to taste it several times but each time he spat it out and made a face. The play didn’t last super long and his main reaction seemed to be “What do you expect me to do with this? It clearly is not good for eating, so why are you giving me this? I’m going to go find some of my real toys.”

He does have a pretty short attention span sometimes, and is very oral. He’s usually not too interested in just exploring with his hands, but I’m hoping the more sensory play and different materials I continue to introduce to him, the more he will become interested and begin exploring and playing in different ways. I saved the dough in a baggy in the fridge so we can try playing with it again tomorrow, and we can see how different it is when it is cold.

Under Construction

They have been working on re-doing some of the walkways in front of the buildings in our apartment complex the past couple weeks. Lewis and I have been enjoying seeing some of the construction vehicles and men working when we go for our daily walks. We’ve seen a “digger,” dump truck, pick-up trucks, mini bulldozer type thingy, and a concrete mixer. Hmm. I think I need to brush up on my construction vehicles if I’m going to be Mommy to a little boy! 

Yesterday they started work in front of our building. They only did a small section of our walkway as most of it is still in good condition. I am fine with this as I’d rather not be trapped inside with dirt/wet concrete immediately outside our door. We watched out the window as they used the digger to rip up the old sidewalk yesterday. Today they built a frame and filled it with concrete. Lewis enjoyed watching the trucks and men working, but his favorite thing is the traffic cones they left to mark the area!

Seriously, how cute is this?





Baby Steps

In the past week Lewis has been gaining more and more confidence in himself and his ability to stand without support. At first if Chris or I let go of him he would only continue standing if there was something in his hands that was distracting him, and he’d plop down after about 10-15 seconds, or even sooner. He’s getting to the point now where he will willingly let go of his support to stand on his own, and a few times he’s stood for close to a minute before going down to the floor or grabbing back out for something to hold onto.

Over the weekend he has been doing especially well with this, and he even dared to take a step forward a few times! So far it has been tiny little steps or just a half a step and then he stands still again or topples forward, but it is still exciting. It seems he needs a strong motivator to get him to step forward most of the time. He did it once while playing with Daddy, another time to get closer to the vacuum cleaner which he loves and is one of his favorite “toys” to inspect/play with, and a third time I saw him do it was when he was trying to steal my string cheese (and yes, I let him take it and share some bites.) Clearly this child has his priorities straight of the things that matter in life.

Since he has been doing so awesome with his standing I decided to get a little video of him today. He surprised me by taking one of his tiny steps forward!

I am so proud of him, and I can tell he is proud of himself every time he stands a little longer and shows himself how strong he is.


Happy Father’s Day!

I hope all the Dad’s out there (and everyone else) has enjoyed a nice Father’s Day today!

Lewis decided to crawl over and watch some Mythbusters with Daddy after he finished nursing this morning.

Lewis decided to crawl over and watch some Mythbusters with Daddy after he finished nursing this morning.

We have had a rather typical weekend in that it was somehow both lazy and very busy and of course went by way too fast.

Yesterday Lewis woke us up bright and early at 5:45, getting our day off to a tired start for Mommy and Daddy. A few hours later I was rinsing a diaper in the toilet and flushed it only to start having it fill with water and water pour all over the bathroom floor. I grabbed the plunger but quickly realized it wasn’t normal or just clogged, so I called out to Chris. We shut off the water and called maintenance who came and confirmed that the problem was with the main drain line, which they went and fixed after a while. What a start to the day! I took Lewis out for our usual morning walk while Daddy worked hard to get the bathroom cleaned up, mop the floor, wash the wet towels we used to deal with the mess, etc. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who will jump in and deal with messes like this.

The rest of the day was more relaxed. We hung out and played, I made some tasty egg free pear muffins, and we went swimming again. It was a bit chillier than last time so we didn’t stay in long, but Lewis loved every minute of it.

Today we got to “sleep in” until 8:00. Chris got his father’s day present. (Some awesome Tegu blocks, which he then played with for most of the morning. Lewis also enjoys them, especially when we stick them to the fridge for him to pull off.) The rest of the day was a pretty typical Sunday for us with some cooking, dish-washing, and grocery shopping. We also walked over to TCBY for frozen yogurt since they had “free yogurt for dads” today. Chris and I enjoyed our treat, and I filled a separate dish with fresh blueberries and strawberry pieces for Lewis, which he was equally excited about.

As usual it was a nice weekend spent together, and we all are wishing it wasn’t back to Monday already tomorrow. At least this is a short week for us since Chris has Friday off and we will be heading to the camp for the long weekend. Now I’d better get myself off to bed (where my two boys have been for a while now already) since who knows what time the little one will decide we need to get up tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Photo Friday

We had fun one day spreading blankets all over they floor. They were fun to crawl over and feel all the different textures.

We had fun one day spreading blankets all over they floor. They were fun to crawl over and feel all the different textures.

Yum, spinach pesto!

Yum, spinach pesto!

First taste of corn-on the cob.

First taste of corn-on the cob.

"Hey, this thing is sticking to my hand!"

“Hey, this thing is sticking to my hand!”

Cloud dough. He liked squeezing it in his hands and putting it on his feet.

Cloud dough. He liked squeezing it in his hands and putting it on his feet.

Oops! He was sitting outside the bin to play, leaned on the edge of the bin, which flipped it upside-down covering him in cloud dough!

Oops! He was sitting outside the bin to play, leaned on the edge of the bin, which flipped it upside-down covering him in cloud dough!

Rainy Day Sensory Play

We have been having some unfortunately rainy weather this week. I always dread the rain because it means Lewis and I will be cooped up inside all day, which often results in us both getting bored of playing with the same old books/toys/etc. When I saw the weather prediction at the start of the week I was not very excited to see rain, rain, and more rain.

At least since I had a warning of the weather I was able to prepare myself ahead of time a bit. I decided it was definitely time to break out the sensory bin again and try some new materials. I also plotted a trip to the library if we got a break in the weather. Yesterday we lucked out and actually had some sunshine. We made up for the rest of the week by going for two walks and also playing outside for a bit in the evening. We went to the library and as usual Lewis loved playing with the toys, walking around exploring, and charming the other kids and moms/grandmas who where there. He caught sight of some globes on a shelf and was extremely excited about these big balls that Mommy could make spin around.

Playing with the bead roller coaster, and excited because of the globe he saw on a shelf.

Playing with the bead roller coaster, and excited because of the globe he saw on a shelf.

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though. Monday we seemed to keep busy pretty well even though we couldn’t go out. Now that Lewis is more mobile it’s a bit easier to keep busy since he can do some exploring on his own or lead me to where he wants to be, instead of sitting in one spot feeling bored and cranky. By Tuesday we were getting a little sick of being stuck inside, so when he napped I decided to plan a sensory bin for the afternoon. I haven’t done much messy play with him and I decided it was about time we start getting our hands dirty. Last week we played with used coffee grounds “dirt” in his bin outside, which was fun but he ate a lot more than anticipated. (I thought he’d try it, decide it was icky, and just play with it, but he just kept sticking his hands back in his mouth.)

I turned to Google for some ideas and found the fantastic blog Train Up a Child. There are several posts about sensory play and messy play for both babies and older kids. Lots of great ideas! Even though I was feeling inspired by many of the posts I read, I decided to go with an idea that I had thought of myself. (Amazing. Coming up with my own ideas instead of just copying things from Pinterest and people’s blogs.)

I shredded up a huge carrot and also some celery and put it in his bin in the fridge until we were ready to play. Not surprisingly, the celery didn’t shred super well, but it did add some nice color contrast. I left the veggies separated in the bin and let them just get mixed as he played. He’s doing awesome with his eating skills and has had shredded carrot as well as raw celery sticks before, so I knew these were things he could handle if he decided to put them in his mouth. Know your baby and only give them things you are comfortable with them eating. He ended up surprising me and only tried one or two bites of the carrots anyway and none of the celery.

"Ok... I've tasted it and flung the bin around a little. Now what?"

“Ok… I’ve tasted it and flung the bin around a little. Now what?”

He explored it a little bit and tried (unsuccessfully) to dump out the bin, and then didn’t seem to know what to do. He climbed over onto my lap so I scooped some up in my hand and held it out to him. This seemed to spark his interest a bit more and he started grabbing handfuls from my hand and throwing around the kitchen. Throwing is one of his latest skills that he has been practicing on everything he touches, so I should have expected this. After doing some throwing he decided he needed to get a little closer look at this stuff.

IMG_6899I bought him a bigger bin after he tried climbing in his water bin a couple weeks ago, so obviously I should have used that for this activity! I will keep that in mind from now on and start using the bigger bin more often so he can fully experience his sensory materials.

Today is very rainy again and I am planning to try “cloud dough” with him this afternoon. I have seen this recipe before using baby oil which is not safe to eat, but Train Up a Child makes the brilliant suggestion to just make it with cooking oil instead. The original recipe is to mix 8 cups of flour with 1 cup oil. I decided to start off small since I don’t know whether Lewis will be interested or not, and most likely it will just end up dumped on the floor. I made ours with 1 cup flour and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. I then had the brilliant idea to try to add some color. I put in several drops of green food coloring, mixed it up, and … why wasn’t it mixing?? Oh! Food color is water based and I’m trying to add it to a bunch of oil. Duh. No wonder the cloud dough I always see is white. Well, I guess I just had my science lesson for the day.

The food coloring did add some little green specks to the dough which is neat, so at least it wasn't a complete waste.

The food coloring did add some little green specks to the dough which is neat, so at least it wasn’t a complete waste.

We’ll be playing with this later this afternoon, so photos will probably make their way into tomorrow’s Photo Friday post. I also have several more sensory bin ideas in mind, so sometime soon I may make a post listing various Baby Sensory ideas. Stay Tuned!