Lewis is extremely curious. Any object he lays his eyes on he wants to hold, touch, taste, bang on other things, carry around the apartment, etc. In many cases I let him play with whatever has grabbed his interest, as long as there is no safety concern or risk of a big mess. (He is not allowed to grab hot pans, scissors, potted plants, candles, etc.) He likes to steel measuring cups, metal mixing bowls, crochet hooks, closed lotion bottles, etc. etc. He also likes to go after the more decorative objects that we have around on shelves, and¬†unfortunately¬†he has now broken two giraffes from Chris’ collection.

The first was a wooden giraffe that Chris’ mother made. Luckily the “break” was just two pieces coming apart where they had been glued together and we can easily glue them back together and it will be good as new. (Although it has been sitting on a shelf broken for a week or two now since it’s one of those things you don’t think to do except when you are looking at it and usually that happens when there is a baby in your arms and no way you can use glue.) That one we had allowed him to play with thinking “it’s a big wooden thing, no dangers with that!” and then he banged it against the floor several times resulting in the hind legs popping off.

IMG_5591The second incident was today when this poor little giraffe lost an ear. He has reached for this giraffe before and of course not been allowed to grab it. This time he was actually reaching for a plastic cat that was nearby on the shelf and happened to bump the giraffe with his hand causing it to fall to the floor. It looks like we should be able to glue the ear back on, although of course there will be a visible crack line.

He keeps getting stronger, smarter, and more mobile, which means he is showing interest in getting into new things every day, and becoming more able to get himself to the things that interest him. Obviously Chris and I need to get our butts in gear and finish our half-done baby proofing!