Dance Moves

Lewis, like most little kids, loves music and “dancing.” He gets excited when his toys play music and will dance along with them. He also likes to ask me to turn the radio on to dance. Usually his dancing is in short bursts, then he gets distracted and plays with something, then notices the music again and does a bit more dancing. He also likes to watch So You Think You Can Dance with me, in a similar way. He gets very interested/excited about a dance on the show, but then gets busy playing and running around for awhile until another song/dance catches his interest and he starts watching again for a bit. (We don’t have the TV on much with him around, and this is one of the only shows he really seems to pay attention to at all. That and commercials. Especially ones with kids or animals in them.)

His dancing has always entailed just him shaking his arms in the air. I’ve tried to show him to move other parts of his body, but he keeps his body very stiff. I guess he hasn’t figured out his balance enough to move his legs/hips/whatever.

Here he is about a month ago rocking out to some Kidz Bop Dance Party:

Today we were in the bedroom and I decided to turn the radio on while I got changed. I usually just flip through the stations until I find something that is playing music, and today happened to find some kind of classical station. Since I had a dress on I showed Lewis how it would float out around me if I spun in a circle, which he thought was great. A little while later he tried it himself and surprised me by being able to spin around without falling! He has been getting better and better with his motor skills, and Chris was just commenting last night about how impressed he was when Lewis took some steps backwards/sideways to avoid a toy on the floor.

Here’s Lewis showing off his new dance moves:

Unfortunately he’s at a bit of a disadvantage for learning more dance moves, since I have zero skill in dancing of any sort. Of course soon enough he’ll start having fun making up his own awesome “moves.” Maybe if he keeps up an interest in dance we’ll think about putting him in dance classes in a few years.