Baby Reads

We love books! Books have always been important and well loved in my family, and that is something that I hope to pass on to Lewis. He has a huge collection of books already, most of which were treasure-hunted from thrift stores by myself and my family.

Reading With Mommy:

Lewis has been really into textures lately and feeling his with his fingers (and of course still his mouth, but he is learning that his fingers give him info too! He uses those little finger tips to rub and scratch at everything from the carpet and chair cushions to his stroller and the gazebo railing. We have the book “Baby Touch and Feel: Baby Animals” (which I can’t seem to find on Amazon to link to.) This book has been in the living room with his toys and he is loving feeling the different animals and trying to grab their fur. After reading that this morning and seeing how much he enjoyed it I got out “Touch and Count with Peter Rabbit.” We had fun feeling the numbers together and talking about all the different textures

ImageReading With Daddy:

Chris always reads bedtime stories with Lewis each night. Since he is away at work all day this is a great way for the two of them to have some bonding time and hang out together without Mommy there to distract. Chris really enjoys fun and silly rhymes, which of course means that Dr. Seuss is at the top of the list! We have “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” “The Foot Book,” and “Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?” which all get read fairly often. At the library yesterday I also picked out “The Cat in the Hat” and “And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street” for them to try. Some of these are quite long be we don’t worry about finishing books, we just read for however long Lewis is interested.