Caught In The Rain

Well I don’t have a specific “topic” to write about today like I sometimes do, but figured I would do an update with some of the random little things that we have been busy with.

Things have been pretty relaxed around here, not too much out of the ordinary going on. Over the weekend we did some shopping, which seems to happen pretty much every weekend. I’ve really got to work on getting my license so I’ll be able to just run to the store when I want something instead of always making Chris drive me everywhere. Does anyone know if there is a way to magically learn to drive without practicing at all?

We’ve been having rain, rain, and more rain, as I’m sure many of you are also experiencing. We are working with the weather as best we can and getting outside whenever we have the chance. We’re lucky to have a pool in our apartment complex and I’ve now taking Lewis swimming twice without Chris along and it went great both times. Lewis enjoys the water, and also loves just walking around inside the pool area exploring the chairs and umbrellas, and especially the wood chips that are all around the outside of the paved area.


The rain seems to have calmed down just a bit the past few days, so we’ve made it out for our morning walks a little more often and even got to go play in the grass a couple of times this past week.

Somehow my brain completely forgot about the rainy weather today, though. I must have been wishfully thinking there was no more rain. We went to the library for story time, which was fun. There were more boys today and more babies closer to Lewis’ age and a few older. (Although he still just wanted to play with the doorstop and floor cushions, and not the toys or other babies.) Unfortunately, we got caught in the rain as we were walking home. It is a very short walk, but there happened to be quite a downpour at just the wrong time and we got pretty soaked. Lewis was not impressed.

As soon as we got inside and I got him out of the stroller he started begging to nurse, since that is his favorite way to be comforted. I took off all our wet things and we snuggled up in bed for a little while to recover from being soaked. Even once he was back to his happy self he didn’t want to get dressed, so I put a fresh diaper on him and let him hang out in just a diaper for a while.

IMG_7836I wanted to go out to play this evening but then I remembered the grass was wet from the rain. Then I thought about going for another little walk, until I remembered the stroller had gotten soaked and probably wasn’t dry yet. Oh well! We went out and played on the sidewalk out front for just 5 – 10 minutes while we waited for Daddy to get home.

We are hoping for some much better weather this weekend and next week. Friday we head back up to the camp and we will be staying there through Wednesday. My parents will be there too, so it will be nice for Lewis to get to spend more time with his grandparents. I’ll make sure I get the Photo Friday post ready before we go, but besides that I probably won’t be doing any updates until next week when we get back here.


Baby Chores

Lewis is 8 1/2 months old, so I’ve decided it’s about time he starts earning his keep and doing some chores around here!

Not really, but I have been letting him “help” with a few things recently. I love the fact that he is always interested in what Mommy is doing, so finding ways to get him involved seems like a great way to help keep him engaged and also set the stage for the future when he will have more formal “chores” to do.

He has been “helping” me with the laundry for a long time now, since he is often in my arms when it is time to tend the laundry. We are lucky to have our own laundry machine in our apartment, but unluckily it is the World’s Worst Laundry Machine. It is a combined washer/dryer. All in one unit, not stacked. Which means I can have laundry washing or drying but not both. It is also TINY. One load in this machine is about 1/4-1/3 the size of a load that I can fit in a “normal” machine. This means I have laundry constantly going, so there are always opportunities for Lewis to observe and help with this task. We cloth diaper, so I do a load of diaper almost every day, plus one or two loads of regular laundry. Lewis helps by playing with the drier balls, opening and shutting the door, and playing with the wet laundry when I am fluffing it up before drying. He also helps me hang the diapers up to dry by pulling his cloth wipes off the rack each time I hang them.

IMG_5947He is also very curious about the dishwasher. We keep it shut all the time, and discourage him from playing with it when it is full of dirty dishes, but recently I have been involving him more with unloading the dishes. When the door is open he can easily pull himself up on it to stand and reach the silverware and plates in the bottom rack. He is very good about “sharing” and handing me things when I ask for them or hold my hand out, so I have been letting him help unload the silverware. He pulls it out one piece at a time, and then I hold my hand out and say “Can I have that fork?” or “Give that to Mama please. Thank you! You handed me the spoon,” or other similar things. It is only spoons, forks, and butter knives, so not good to play with, but safe enough for him to pick up and hand to me. Once the silverware is unloaded he is happy to stand there and play with the empty bottom rack while I finish unloading the rest.

I have also been involving him a bit more in his diaper changes. We use cloth wipes wetted with water, so after I wipe him (assuming it isn’t a poopy diaper) he sometimes likes to take the wipe and try to wipe himself. He has moved it towards his mouth once and I stopped him from trying to taste it, but mostly he just “wipes” himself and drops it or hands it back to me.

Obviously these little “chores” of his aren’t actually making things easier for me and in most cases make things take longer than they would otherwise. But, they only really add on a few minutes of time, they’re setting the stage for him helping more in the future, and they are great opportunities for quality interactions, so I think it is a win all around.

Do you involve your baby in helping with “chores” or have any other suggestions for ways that a baby can get involved with what Mommy is doing?


Photo Friday

My little Cave-Baby does not like to get dressed. His least favorite part is putting his arms into a shirt for some reason.

My little Cave-Baby does not like to get dressed. His least favorite part is putting his arms into a shirt for some reason.

Investigating some  pretty forsythia outside.

Investigating some pretty forsythia outside.

"Ooh this dandelion looks different when I hold it up into the bright sun."

“Ooh this dandelion looks different when I hold it up into the bright sun.”

Baby Obstacle Course: crawling across Mommy and Daddy's shoes.

Baby Obstacle Course: crawling across Mommy and Daddy’s shoes.

Lewis gave a shout-out to all his Aunties on facebook today.

Lewis gave a shout-out to all his Aunties on facebook yesterday.

Lewis has adopted the bright pink belt that came with Mommy's new shorts.

Lewis has adopted the bright pink belt that came with Mommy’s new shorts.