Happy Spring!

Lewis and I are very excited that Spring has finally arrived! It is still chilly out and there is still snow on the ground, but it is not as chilly and there is less snow. This is progress!

We have been spending as much time outside as possible in the past week or two. The sidewalks are finally consistently clear enough for daily walks, and daylight savings time coupled with warmer temperatures means that we once again have time in the day to both go for a walk AND go out to play. Hurray!

I can tell Lewis is enjoying his outside time because frequently throughout the day, including early morning and in the evening, he will go to the door and request that we go outside. Putting on boots and coats and mittens is still a bit of a production, so we can’t just go out at a moments notice like he would like, but we’ve been getting lots of nice time outside.

I had a walk planned for this morning and Lewis apparently had similar plans, so we got ready and headed out with the stroller around 10:00. Lewis has been loving seeing and hearing all the birds on our walks. Today’s highlight was a red-winged black bird trilling in a tree, which we stopped and watched for a while and tried to trill too. We continued on our walk and when we turned around and came back by that spot the bird was still there so we stopped and watched him some more. Lewis proclaimed him a Dada bird.

He also loves watching robins hopping around on the ground. We watched on for a while today and when we said goodbye to it to continue on our walk Lewis started signing “More. More.”  More robins. More birds. We heard plenty more in the trees but didn’t spot many others besides those.

We walked for 45 minutes today and sometimes I worry that Lewis gets bored in the stroller when we go on long walks. No such worries today! We got home and had just taken off our shoes and coats when Lewis began trying to climb back into the stroller and pointing at the door. 🙂 It was very nice out (despite being cloudy) so after a quick diaper change we put our boots on and headed back out without the stroller.

Lewis absolutely loves puddle splashing. We’ve ordered some rain boots which haven’t arrived yet, but his snow boots are perfect for now anyway since they are nicely waterproof and keep his feet cozy and warm. (On a side note, what’s with stores already having summer clothes, swimsuits, etc.? Springy things and rain clothes and such seem to already be out of stock everywhere!)

After a good while playing in puddles, exploring, and watching more birds, we headed back in to get ready for lunch. After looking in the fridge for inspiration I spotted some leftover pasta sauce and a lonely english muffin. English muffin pizzas! I toasted a piece of bread to use as an extra pizza as well.

I’ve been trying to involve Lewis as much as I can with my cooking, sprinkling spices, helping mixing, adding things to pans, etc. I laid the bread and english muffins on a tray and set it down on the floor with the jar of sauce and the spoon, then invited Lewis to help me. His first spoonful of sauce landed on his knee and the floor, but once we got that wiped up he very carefully scooped the sauce onto the pizzas and did an excellent job spreading it around with no more mishaps. I did have to help a bit with spreading it to the edges, but I was quite impressed with this as his first try. I then cut some slices of cheese which he placed onto the pizzas for us.

He was all set to eat them, but I explained that they needed to go in the oven to get warm and melty.

He was all set to eat them, but I explained that they needed to go in the oven to get warm and melty.

Once they finished we sat down to lunch together.



Cooking together is so much fun, and I love that he is starting to enjoy helping me. I’ll have to keep this in mind and be on the lookout for more toddler-friendly cooking projects.


Big, Small, And Poop

Lewis has been having a bit of a language explosion recently! He seems to be adding a new word every day or two. I had read about this happening with other toddlers once they reach a certain point, and it is so exciting to see it happening now. A lot of his words of course are still not super clear, and many are probably only translatable by Chris and I, but he also has several that are very clear and easy to understand. We tried to list them all out a couple days ago and I think he has somewhere in the range of 35-40 words that he is now saying consistently.

Two of his most recent are color words. “Tan” which he says very clearly and adorably, and has now become obsessed with pointing out tan things wherever he goes. The other is “Brown” which is said as “Browm” which I love. He also has been pointing out brown things, though not as much as the tan. Another recent one is “uh-oh.” I have been waiting for this one since I know this is an early word for a lot of little ones. At first he was just saying it because he liked the sound, but he is using it accurately now. My favorite is when he purposefully knocks down a tower or knocks things off a shelf proclaiming “uh-oh!” Maybe that will wear a little thin after a while, but for now it is just cute.

Chris took a video of him about a week ago when he had first started saying tan and uh-oh:

A couple of his other “words” that he has been saying for a while now are his versions of “big” and “small.” Neither sounds anything like the word, but he has been very consistent in using them and pretty much always gets it right when telling us if something is big or small. The exception is usually only if there are two things the same size, because he still wants one big and one small, so he will often go back and forth between calling them the two. I took a video of him showing me big and small today. In Lewis language big is “Tha(t), tha(t)” said in a deep/gruff sort of voice. Small/tiny is “Tee tee, tie, tee, tie tie, tee” (or variations of similar sounds) said in a small high pitched voice like you might use to say something is “teeny teeny tiny.”

Unfortunately, not all of his words are as fun and cute. Another recent favorite has been “poop” which he says as “boof” or something similar. Since this word isn’t completely clear, I don’t always catch on immediately to what he is saying. However, he is happy to clear things up by crouching and straining and basically showing me that he is pooping, giving me a big grin once I decode his pantomime. He is recently obsessed with telling us that there is poop outside, and that it is poop from cats and other animals. He then holds out his hand, to indicate he would like to hold the poop. When told that this is yucky he mimes stomping on it, and when we explain that we don’t want get it all over our shoes he gets down and looks closely at the floor, to show that he can look at the poop but not touch it. He is certainly creative and finds ways to communicate his thoughts, but … eww! I thought we would have another year or two before the potty talk and poop obsession would kick in! We have lots of squirrels around outside and have encountered squirrel poop a few times, which he thankfully has not attempted to pick up.

Besides the poop talk, this new interest in language is a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what new words he picks up in the coming weeks!

Friday Bonus: Video Of Cuteness

Well this started off as a video of Lewis pointing to his different body parts, but of course he got bored of that game and decided to run around and be silly instead! Playing chase with Mommy and Daddy is one of his favorite games recently, as well as hiding behind furniture to pop out, or having us pop out at him. Sorry about the shakiness and such – it’s hard to take a video while chasing a crazy baby around!

Ten Months

It’s hard to believe that my tiny little brand new baby boy is suddenly a big ten month old! You’re always told how quickly these baby days disappear, and it feels as though this past month has been the fastest one yet.



He hasn’t been doing too much physical growth these past few months, but he sure is learning a lot of new skills and understanding all kinds of new things! His latest accomplishment? Walking! I took a little video today of us just playing and it shows some of his new walking skill (which he is really just gaining confidence in in the past few days.)

Please excuse my complete lack of skill as a videographer.

We also took our usual monthly photos. I think I say this every month, but I’m pretty sure this was the hardest month yet to get a good photo!

IMG_7702All he wanted to do was try to grab my sign that said “Ten Months.” It turned into sort of a game. He would pull the sign down and hand it to me and wait for me to stick it up in a new place for him to pull down again. Sometimes he also tried to stick it back on the wall himself. Unfortunately, this “game” meant that almost all the photos are of him with his back towards me!

"Got it!"

“Got it!”

To any other Mamas out there wanting to do monthly photos of your little one: Don’t use a paper sign! I’d recommend either using those stickers they sell that you can stick on the baby’s shirt each month, or just take some nice photos and photo shop in a date afterwards.

At least we managed to get a few good ones!

IMG_7750It’s crazy to think that we only have two more months of doing these photos, and then we will have a great big 1-year-old on our hands!



Baby Steps

In the past week Lewis has been gaining more and more confidence in himself and his ability to stand without support. At first if Chris or I let go of him he would only continue standing if there was something in his hands that was distracting him, and he’d plop down after about 10-15 seconds, or even sooner. He’s getting to the point now where he will willingly let go of his support to stand on his own, and a few times he’s stood for close to a minute before going down to the floor or grabbing back out for something to hold onto.

Over the weekend he has been doing especially well with this, and he even dared to take a step forward a few times! So far it has been tiny little steps or just a half a step and then he stands still again or topples forward, but it is still exciting. It seems he needs a strong motivator to get him to step forward most of the time. He did it once while playing with Daddy, another time to get closer to the vacuum cleaner which he loves and is one of his favorite “toys” to inspect/play with, and a third time I saw him do it was when he was trying to steal my string cheese (and yes, I let him take it and share some bites.) Clearly this child has his priorities straight of the things that matter in life.

Since he has been doing so awesome with his standing I decided to get a little video of him today. He surprised me by taking one of his tiny steps forward!

I am so proud of him, and I can tell he is proud of himself every time he stands a little longer and shows himself how strong he is.