Inside My Body: A Photo Series by Lewis

As you’ve seen in some of my previous Photo Friday posts, Lewis is very interested in photography. He loves to steal my camera and take photos of things around our apartment and also of Mommy and Daddy.

One of his recent favorite areas to experiment is “photography in motion.” He’s been snapping a lot of photos while spinning in a circle or running from one room to another. He’s also been requesting Daddy and I to get photos of him running, jumping, waving things in the air, etc. As you can imagine, none of these are the best photos and most turn out with some level of blurriness.

However, earlier this week he went down a different, and very interesting, track with his photographic experimentation.


This photo, apparently, shows the inside of my belly and the little hole the baby will come out.

He has been pretty interested in the ultrasounds I have had to look at the baby, and from time to time asks me to lie down while he rubs random objects over my belly, giving me an ultrasound. He’s also rather fascinated with the idea of x-rays taking pictures of the bones inside our bodies.

Another view of inside my belly.

Another view of inside my belly.

One day while playing with the camera he told me he wanted to take a picture inside my body, and I think he mentioned wanted to photograph my bones as well. I replied that that wouldn’t work very well because a regular camera is not an x-ray machine.


A few minutes later he had picked up an empty yarn cone from the floor, and was very carefully pointing the camera inside of it and snapping away taking photos. He happily commented “That inside Mommy’s body! That little hole baby come out!” And he continued taking photo after photo.

Once he had taken several photos inside the yarn cone he started experimenting with other objects and containers as well.


He took a few shots inside one of our funnels, which is white plastic around the top and red rubber for the narrow part.


At some point he commented that some of the photos showed different body parts. Some were in my nostrils, some inside my head, etc. I’m not really sure which is which, and if you asked him today he’d probably have a different response anyway since toddler creativity/imagination is so fluid and always changing.


The green one is inside a bright green oval shaped plastic container. It is probably the least body-looking of his photos, and he only took two shots inside it out of his total 22 photographs. After trying the green container he went back to the yarn cone he had started out with.


I really loved seeing his creativity and ingenuity with these photos, and watching as he experimented and learned as he went along. His focus and concentration while taking the photos was really amazing to watch as well!


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