Apple Picking

We have finally reached some kind of end to the super-busy times at Chris’ work. He was able to take yesterday and today off from work to help catch up on missed relaxing and missed family time. Yesterday morning we took Daddy along to story time at the library and he got to join in on stories, songs, and a scarecrow craft. After coming home and having a quick snack we headed over to the blood-draw lab.

When Lewis had his iron levels tested a year ago they were at the low end of normal, so when we went in for his 2-year check up this year the doctor requested that we get a follow up test done just in case. The difference between last year’s appointment and this one was phenomenal. Last year he was crying before the needle even touched his arm, had to pinned down by both me and Daddy, needed to nurse afterwards to calm down, etc. This year he sat on my lap and was so brave. We barely had to hold him still, he hardly flinched and didn’t cry at all. I think the big difference was that he actually understood it somewhat and knew what to expect this year because I was able to explain it to him ahead of time and warn him about what would happen. He got a sticker afterwards and went home happy as could be and excited that he got to drink from a water fountain and ride in an elevator.

After nap yesterday we had fun playing outside with our neighbor-friend J, and Daddy made delicious peanut butter cookies for everyone to enjoy. (We also made some yummy veggie enchiladas, but Lewis was less excited about those.)

And today, we went apple picking!


We headed over to Bowman Orchards, which is one of the two local orchards that we switch between. Bowman is a pretty large orchard with lots of apple types, and it is always VERY busy. It is quite commercialized and has a lot of family things besides apple picking. There is a petting zoo, play area, bake shop, gift shop, food trailer, pony rides, cow train ride… We went today because we knew that a week day would be much less busy than the weekend, but it was still quite busy with families and several bus trips from various schools/groups/whatever. There was one weekend we tried to go last year when we waited out in the road for half an hour before even being able to turn into the driveway, and eventually gave up and drove to Riverview Orchard instead. Riverview is a bit smaller and much more low-key. It was still busy when we went but without the feelings of craziness and overcrowding. If we go picking again in October that is most likely where we will go.


We started off with picking today. Lewis wasn’t too keen on picking apples from the branches – he much preferred just munching away on any apples that Daddy and I passed his way to try. He made sure to snack on every type we passed, and seemed to enjoy them all equally. I think there were around 10 types of apples being picked today, although we didn’t hit up quite all of them.

"Mommy says this sign has a funny apple name on it!"

“Mommy says this sign has a funny apple name on it!”

We picked a huge heap of apples (over $40 worth!) and plan to use them both for snacking and also for baking. Once we make some space in the freezer I will get to work on a nice big batch of homemade apple sauce. Yum!

We finished up picking around 11:00 then headed over to the shops and play area.

Lewis loved this bear statue and checked it out both on our way in and out.

Lewis loved this bear statue and checked it out both on our way in and out.

He was excited to go over to the play area, and played around a bit but was rather overwhelmed by all the bigger kids running around.


We also had fun feeding some corn to the animals. Lewis wanted to feed the alpacas, but they dissed us and a greedy goat came over instead. (Which is fine with me – I love goats!)

IMG_7537Finally, we headed over to the bake shop to get a snack and some donuts to bring home.

We each chose an item from the bakery counter and ended up with an apple turnover, an apple fritter, and a cappuccino muffin to try. Chris also got his absolute favorite thing that they have: Apple Cider Donut Ice cream! Lewis was also a big fan, while I opted to skip having any ice cream and just enjoy my baked treats.


We stopped briefly in the other shop, where I bought a pretty basket and Lewis picked out two teeny tiny gourds, and then it was time to head home.

Once we got home Lewis realized that he had forgotten to bring his toy caterpillar along, and proceeded to have his biggest tantrum yet yelling and crying at the door saying we needed to go back to the orchard so he could bring his toy there. Thankfully, all is happiness again now after his nap and he has enjoyed a lovely evening playing outside with Daddy.


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