Michigan Trip – Part 1

Hello! We arrived home from our trip to Michigan on Sunday afternoon. Apparently it is taking a little while to settle back in since I am just now getting to sorting through the photos and writing about our travels.

It was a great trip, and we all enjoyed ourselves while there – especially Lewis! We got to spend two weeks with Chris’ family which was lovely since the last time we were able to see them was Christmas 2012, when Lewis was only 3.5 months old!

The trip out is a long one, so we split it into two days and stayed at a hotel in between. Lewis loved the hotel pool!


He’s getting more and more comfortable being in the water and has been doing a great job practicing his kicking. He also loves climbing up and down pool steps by himself.

We timed the drives so that he would have a couple hours awake, we’d stop for lunch, and then he’d nap for a few hours as we continued driving.


This worked fairly well, although some of his car naps were shorter than we had hoped for.

Once we got to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and said hello to everyone Lewis got to check out some cool toys from Daddy’s childhood that Grandma had gotten out for him! His favorite was this Little People Main Street toy, which had the awesome feature of little plastic “mail” that could be put through slots on all the different doors. He played with this toy frequently throughout our visit. Later on he also got to join in on the exciting task of looking through boxes of stuff in the barn and seeing more of Daddy’s old toys and books.


Lewis has pretty much outgrown his pack ‘n play for traveling, so this trip he got to sleep like a “big boy” on a trundle bed. I was a bit worried about how this would go, since he has only ever slept in a crib, but he did great with it!


Lewis quickly made friends with Grandma and Grandpa’s miniature pincer Ruby.


He also taught Grandma all about how to play games on the ipad.


He had fun exploring the yard and walking/running up and down the long driveway.


He also liked checking out the pond.


And getting some help to dangle his feet in.


We had a very busy two weeks, and it is much more than I can include in just one post! Stay tuned for more photos and stories about time spent with family, our visit to the Hands On Museum, the Zoo, the Reptile Zoo, and more! It’s going to take a little while to update about all of it, especially since we are traveling again this weekend (Fri-Sun) for a huge family reunion with my family in Vermont. I have also continued to make my ICAD cards, so eventually I will be catching up with posting all of those as well.

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