Jam-Packed Weekend Fun

Summer is such a wonderful time with so many options of fun things to do, and we have been very busy here trying to do a little bit of everything! We also are leaving this Saturday for a trip out to Michigan to visit Chris’ family, and planning and packing for our trip is adding an extra level of busyness to our days this week.

Lewis is at such a wonderful age right now. Old enough to have fun going out and doing things, and to really participate, but the world is still new enough to him that every little thing is still a fun adventure!

Saturday morning we were busy running errands. First a quick trip to the AT&T store, then we split up and Lewis and Daddy went to Pet Smart and Barnes & Noble while I went to get my hair cut. Lewis loves the pet store and all the different animals that can be seen there. Barnes & Noble has a fun train set and other cool things in their kid’s section, but unfortunately the one near us is closing soon. Once we met back up after my hair cut, we had to head over to Target for a few things (and yes, we came out with three times as much as what we went in for).

We went home, had lunch and a nap, and then on to the next busy thing: Lewis’ first trip to Hoffman’s Playland!  Hoffman’s is a small local amusement park with a lot of rides geared specifically towards young children. This trip was organized as a family day by Chris’ work. We ran into a few other family’s there but mostly wandered around doing our own thing.

First ever carousel ride!

First ever carousel ride!

We started out with Lewis and Daddy riding the carousel, then moved on to the boat ride which someone had recommended to us.

He loved ringing the bell in the boat!

He loved ringing the bell in the boat!

This was Lewis’ first time riding on a ride all by himself, and we were very proud of him for having fun and not freaking out that Mommy and Daddy were standing outside the fence.

After the boats Lewis and I rode a hot-air-balloon ride together, and then we discovered one of his favorite things at the park: A Humpty Dumpty statue!

He's so funny! Look at that big eye!

He’s so funny! Look at that big eye!

We went in the arcade area and Lewis sat on a couple of games there but we didn’t actually play anything. He also rode on a caterpillar train thingy with Daddy.

Lewis' favorite construction vehicle!

Lewis’ favorite construction vehicle!

We wandered around a bit more, then discovered that we had lost Lewis’ wrist band (which he had refused to use so it had been going in and out of Daddy’s and my pockets.) It was getting towards dinner time anyway so we posed with Lewis’ most favorite thing at the park: The Clown trash cans!!! We had just enough tickets for the three of us to ride the carousel one more time together, then we left to go get dinner.

Lewis kept wanting to go back and look at the trashcans over and over while we were at the park.

Lewis kept wanting to go back and look at the trashcans over and over while we were at the park.

Sunday was another busy day for us. We decided to go strawberry picking in the morning because it was pretty much our only chance to go: by the time we get back from Michigan and then go to Vermont for a reunion with my extended family strawberries aren’t going to be in season any more.

We normally go to Bowman’s Orchard for apple and strawberry picking, but they don’t open until noon on Sundays, so we decided to give Altamont Orchards a try instead. It was a bit farther of a drive, but we liked the atmosphere there and will probably go there again for our strawberry needs next summer.

Picking his own strawberry.

Picking his own strawberry.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Lewis, but he did great. He stayed on the paths between bushes, and asked me or Daddy for help when he wanted to hop over to another row. He also (mostly) only picked berries that Daddy or I showed him were good and ripe, and didn’t try to eat anything disgusting. Win!

Goofy strawberry-eating face.

Goofy strawberry-eating face.

After lunch and nap at home again, Sunday afternoon was time for a swim in the pool before heading out for our weekly grocery shop.

It was a very busy weekend, but definitely fun and worth all the busyness!

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