ICAD Week 2

Here are my cards from week 2 of ICAD! I’m a bit late getting these posted, which doesn’t surprise me since Photo Friday seems to be the only thing I reliably post anymore.

Cards #1-16, a couple from this week snuck into the shot too.

Cards #1-16, a couple from this week snuck into the shot too.

I’m still having a lot of fun with this and enjoying exploring different materials and techniques with my cards. Lewis has continued to join in too, and I’m finding that the challenge is helping me be a bit more adventurous with which craft supplies I allow him to try out.

The theme for Week Two was “Collage and glued creations,” which I sometimes followed and sometimes did not, which is pretty normal for my art anyway. I did the same with the daily prompts, sometimes using them and sometimes not. So here are the cards!

#8. Mandala. This one I did use cut and glued paper, with some doodling over top. The background is watercolor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA#9. Prompt was alphabet, which I disregarded in favor of doodling another mandala on another watercolor background.


#10. The Beatles. Thought about which song would be the most fun to create a card from, decided to learn to draw a walrus. Just used pencil, and followed a “how to draw a walrus” guide I found online.


#11. Disregarded “toy camera” prompt. Created some found poetry by altering a book page, and attached on a card which was already decorated with a marker background.


#12. Paisley. Doodles on watercolor. Had fun drawing these, but prefer the regularity of mandalas.


#13. Skipped “book review” prompt. Got crazy idea to glue yarn onto card. Sketched a simple pencil outline of a flower, started adding yarn. Did not have fun. Very fiddly and my hands were covered in glue. Had to take a break after a while and come back to finish it in the evening because I was getting too annoyed with it. I like the finished product though!


#14. Magenta. Dug through my art supplies and junk mail for anything magenta I could find. Used a bit of everything. Crayon, various colored pencils, marker, watercolors, two kinds of tape, collage bits.



When I took my photo of all the cards together I was thinking that they seem very unrelated in terms of materials/subject/style/whatever, but now that I’ve listed these seven together I am seeing somewhat of a common thread with flowers/mandalas/doodles and also the watercolor backgrounds. It will be interesting to see how ALL the cards look together at the end of July!


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