I have posted a few times before about my art and creative explorations. I enjoy working in an art journal and also doodling and playing around with a variety of different art materials. One awesome blog that I love going to for art inspiration is the Daisy Yellow Art blog. I love looking at Tammy’s beautiful work, her playful exploration of her own materials, and especially the encouragement she posts to help others get creating! She posts a lot of great prompts and ideas to help get the creative juices flowing.

She also has been doing a yearly Index Card A Day (ICAD) challenge the past few years. This will be my first year participating, and I am very excited!

The idea is that each day of the challenge (June 1 – July 31) you create some form of art on an index card. An index card is small, simple, cheap. It can be extremely quick if you only have a few spare moments in the day, or you can go as in depth as you want and create a complex master piece. If you “mess up” or don’t like your results, oh well! It’s just an index card, no harm done, nothing wasted! The focus is more on process than product. There really are no limits, it is all about challenging yourself to do that little bit of art each and every day though out the challenge.

During the challenge Tammy will be posting weekly themes and prompts to help inspire all the participants, but these are completely optional. I haven’t decided yet if I will be using the prompts or not, and I suspect that I will probably follow some and not others depending on what kind of creative mood I am in on any given day.


I have already started doing a bit of creating on some index cards, even though the challenge hasn’t started yet. Some of these I might use as “backgrounds” to add more work on top of later in the challenge, others will just stay as they are.

The card with my name on it was in response to a “warm up” exercise that Tammy posted on the ICAD Facebook page.

I started that card by drawing a grid with a pencil and ruler, and Lewis decided to join in by making his own card. He had the unique technique of using the pencil to stab holes through his card!

IMG_4536 IMG_4543

I will probably do most of my card creation while he is napping or in bed, but I am sure he will join me some of the time for some more ICAD art. This is also a great low-pressure creative challenge for older kids to participate in in a more organized way.

I have a huge collection of art supplies, but the ones I go to most often are pens, markers, Sharpies, and colored pencils. I think this challenge will be a fun opportunity for me to get out some of my other materials to explore with a bit more. I might do some painting, collage, or who knows what else! I recently made my first hand-carved stamp from a cork, and I had fun using this to make one of my card “backgrounds.”


I guess I should start drinking more wine, so I have more corks to make cute little stamps with. 😉

Do you consider yourself artistic? Or have you always wished you had more art in your life? Join us for the ICAD challenge! You won’t regret it!

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