Think Outside The Library

Most mornings Lewis and go for a walk with the stroller. We will usually walk around 30-40 minutes, unless we also have other morning plans. Once a week we have been going to story time at the library, which is about a 10 minute walk away. However, the “spring session” of story time has ended and the summer session won’t be starting until the beginning of July, so for now we have no story time to go to. I wasn’t in the mood for our usual walk today though, so I came up with the idea to go play outside the library. There is a nice little garden area with benches, as well as a nature walk behind the library. I’m pretty sure the last time we explored either was last fall, so Lewis is only really familiar with them from walking past on our way into the library.

I packed up a few simple art supplies for myself to do some doodling while he played, and he told me he wanted to bring a snack so we brought some munchie things and some water as well.

Lewis' abandoned art supplies.

Lewis’ abandoned art supplies.

I sat down on a bench with a pen and an index card to do some doodling, and Lewis began exploring the bricks on the ground, hunting for bugs, dirt, and ant hills. After a while he asked to color too. He uncapped two markers, tried to color on a brick, and then abandoned it all for more interesting things like bugs and dandelions.

"Now what?"

“Now what?”

He seemed a bit at a loss for what to do with himself. Unsure what to do in this new space, or how far to wander from me. I tried to encourage him to take a look around and explore other parts of the garden area.

"I feel so free!"

“I feel so free!”

After he played a bit more he asked me to join him in playing and walking around, so I packed our things back into the stroller. He was happy to find many ant hills, some fluffy dandelions, and pine tree with big pine cones underneath.

"We need to walk down this path Mama."

“We need to walk down this path Mama.”

Next I took him around behind the library to see the nature path. We held hands across the parking lot, then I let him run free once we reached the path.

He was quite fascinated at first, and immediately decided that this was a place for running!

He was quite fascinated at first, and immediately decided that this was a place for running!

We made it quickly down the first stretch of the path. Once we turned the corner he was a bit overwhelmed with the apparent distance we still had to go. He asked to be held, but I explained that I couldn’t hold him while pushing the stroller. I offered that he could either walk on his own or ride in the stroller. After sitting on the ground for a moment in protest he decided that he would rather walk than ride.

"I'm very disappointed that you aren't going to pick me up!"

“I’m very disappointed that you aren’t going to pick me up!”

We did some more running and some walking, and found a few ants. He wasn’t very impressed when the forest changed to tall dry grasses. (The sign said it is “phragmites”.)

"Are you sure you won't hold me? This still looks like a long way!"

“Are you sure you won’t hold me? This still looks like a long way!”

We eventually made it around the loop and back to the parking lot, where Lewis found some very interesting mud. We then decided to actually go inside the library for a bit of playing there.

It was fairly busy today with a few other babies and older kids. We read some books, played with some big stuffed snakes which were new and therefore interesting, did a puzzle, and played with the bead roller coaster thingy. While playing with the snakes a baby we often see at story time showed up with her Mom, and they came over to play with us a bit. She is only a year old and just learning to stand/not talking yet/etc. Lewis did a really great job sharing the two snakes with her and even did some very cute peek-a-boo and made her smile. 🙂

When we were done at the library we got the excited treat of seeing the lawnmowers outside cutting the grass. Lawnmowers are one of the most exciting and interesting things in Lewis world right now!

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