Easter Bunny

We have been having some beautiful almost summery weather this past week. Some might be disappointed that we seem to have skipped spring, but I am loving this! I’m also fairly sure that things aren’t going to stay this warm and we will have some cooler more springy weather again before getting into true summer temps. Anyway, we took full advantage of the temps this weekend by spending as much time as possible outside.

Saturday we went to the park and spent a good long time playing outside. Lewis discovered the amazing dirt on the baseball field area and ran all around digging his fingers in and proclaiming his new word “dirt! dirt! dirt!” He also got a bit braver playing on the playground area, climbed up a climby thing mostly by himself, went down the slide a bit, and actually requested to play on the swing! Whee!

Driving home from the park we passed by Felthousen’s Greenhouse and I noticed they had balloons out and a sign saying “Sun. 10-2, Easter bunny, live chicks, refreshments.” I mentioned it to Chris and then quickly forgot about it.

I’ve never intended to take Lewis to get his photo with the Easter bunny or Santa or anything similar. The mall areas always sound so chaotic and stressful, and the same goes for organized Easter egg hunts. I never did any of that as a child, so it isn’t on my radar as a traditional activity that we need to do each year.

But then Sunday morning rolled around with more beautiful sunny weather. We started talking about going out for a walk and as I told Chris about he Easter bunny decorations that Lewis has been enjoying seeing on people’s houses, I was reminded that we could go and see an actual Easter bunny with the bonus of cute little chicks and pretty flowers!


When we got there the bunny was standing outside so we got to say hi to him(?) right away. Lewis was a bit nervous and not sure what to think but he went over and gave him a high-five before we went inside.


It was fairly quiet when we first got there and we were able to wander around and explore without it feeling crowded or running into a lot of people. We were also given a balloon and a flower, which Lewis carried around for a while.


There was a fountain with some fake ducks which Lewis thought was really great.


And the chickies! So cute and fluffy.


More people and families started arriving and the bunny came inside. This time Lewis was very excited when he saw him and went running over to say hi!


He looked a little unsure when the bunny picked him up, but decided it was ok and we got to take a few pictures while he checked out the bunny’s big bow and soft fur.

IMG_4124Before we left we visited the chicks again. Lewis petted them a little but didn’t want to try to hold them.

At this point many more people had showed up and it was starting to feel a bit crowded in the greenhouse so we headed out to go back home. I’m so glad we decided to go over to this. It was such a perfect low-key little family event, just right for our shy but curious little Lewis.


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