Playing At The Park

The weather is just getting more and more lovely and springlike, and we are so excited! Today was sunny and almost 60 out, and we took advantage of that by going to the park. Obviously a lot of other people had the same idea as it was a bit busy there, but we still had fun.

Poor Lewis is a bit deprived and this is actually only the second time we’ve gone to the park to play with him. There are lovely outdoor areas at our apartments and lots of nice things within walking distance but unfortunately a park is not one of those things. This means that our only chance to go is on the weekends when Daddy can drive us. (Although there is a park near the museum we visited earlier this week, so I think we will plan more adventures on the bus to go there this summer!)


When we first got there Lewis was a bit overwhelmed. We started off with the swings but he did not want to ride on one. (Not really a surprise. He didn’t like swings any of the times that we tried them last summer either.) We wandered around and checked out all the different parts of the playground, but he didn’t really engage with any of it. When he did start playing on something he would freeze up whenever any other kids came anywhere nearby. Eventually he discovered a storm drain nearby, and we thought maybe this was going to be his favorite part of the playground.

After we wandered around some we went back to the swings and Chris sat on one. Lewis’ face lit up seeing Daddy playing, so I handed him into his lap and sat on a swing myself. Lewis thought it was the greatest thing seeing me swing and riding on the swing with Daddy! Next he tried the tire swing on Daddy’s lap. (Had to be Daddy. He refused to let me sit on it.)

Too much sun for everyone's eyes.

Too much sun for everyone’s eyes.

Part of the playground is set up to look like a train, and Lewis decided he wanted to play on the engine. (He has a word for engine, but not one I can translate into writing.) At first he wanted a lot of help going up the steps at one end and trying the slide at the other, but then Chris started coaching him on doing it himself.

"You want me to let go??"

“You want me to let go??”

Whoops! "Hey, that was kind of fun! I think I'd like to try again."

Whoops! “Hey, that was kind of fun! I think I’d like to try again.”

He got better at the slide very quickly, and was going down like a pro in no time, although he still needed a little help getting into proper sitting position at the top. He ended up going down backwards a couple of times because he couldn’t figure out how to sit.


We had fun on the slide for a while but then a couple of other boys came over and Lewis froze up again. It was just about time to head home anyway, so we went for one more ride on the tire swing and then got in the car.

We weren’t really expecting him to be so shy and nervous, but we ended up having a good time anyway. Hopefully with more park trips throughout the summer he will get more confident both with playing on the equipment and with having other kids playing around him.


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