Happy Spring!

Lewis and I are very excited that Spring has finally arrived! It is still chilly out and there is still snow on the ground, but it is not as chilly and there is less snow. This is progress!

We have been spending as much time outside as possible in the past week or two. The sidewalks are finally consistently clear enough for daily walks, and daylight savings time coupled with warmer temperatures means that we once again have time in the day to both go for a walk AND go out to play. Hurray!

I can tell Lewis is enjoying his outside time because frequently throughout the day, including early morning and in the evening, he will go to the door and request that we go outside. Putting on boots and coats and mittens is still a bit of a production, so we can’t just go out at a moments notice like he would like, but we’ve been getting lots of nice time outside.

I had a walk planned for this morning and Lewis apparently had similar plans, so we got ready and headed out with the stroller around 10:00. Lewis has been loving seeing and hearing all the birds on our walks. Today’s highlight was a red-winged black bird trilling in a tree, which we stopped and watched for a while and tried to trill too. We continued on our walk and when we turned around and came back by that spot the bird was still there so we stopped and watched him some more. Lewis proclaimed him a Dada bird.

He also loves watching robins hopping around on the ground. We watched on for a while today and when we said goodbye to it to continue on our walk Lewis started signing “More. More.”  More robins. More birds. We heard plenty more in the trees but didn’t spot many others besides those.

We walked for 45 minutes today and sometimes I worry that Lewis gets bored in the stroller when we go on long walks. No such worries today! We got home and had just taken off our shoes and coats when Lewis began trying to climb back into the stroller and pointing at the door. 🙂 It was very nice out (despite being cloudy) so after a quick diaper change we put our boots on and headed back out without the stroller.

Lewis absolutely loves puddle splashing. We’ve ordered some rain boots which haven’t arrived yet, but his snow boots are perfect for now anyway since they are nicely waterproof and keep his feet cozy and warm. (On a side note, what’s with stores already having summer clothes, swimsuits, etc.? Springy things and rain clothes and such seem to already be out of stock everywhere!)

After a good while playing in puddles, exploring, and watching more birds, we headed back in to get ready for lunch. After looking in the fridge for inspiration I spotted some leftover pasta sauce and a lonely english muffin. English muffin pizzas! I toasted a piece of bread to use as an extra pizza as well.

I’ve been trying to involve Lewis as much as I can with my cooking, sprinkling spices, helping mixing, adding things to pans, etc. I laid the bread and english muffins on a tray and set it down on the floor with the jar of sauce and the spoon, then invited Lewis to help me. His first spoonful of sauce landed on his knee and the floor, but once we got that wiped up he very carefully scooped the sauce onto the pizzas and did an excellent job spreading it around with no more mishaps. I did have to help a bit with spreading it to the edges, but I was quite impressed with this as his first try. I then cut some slices of cheese which he placed onto the pizzas for us.

He was all set to eat them, but I explained that they needed to go in the oven to get warm and melty.

He was all set to eat them, but I explained that they needed to go in the oven to get warm and melty.

Once they finished we sat down to lunch together.



Cooking together is so much fun, and I love that he is starting to enjoy helping me. I’ll have to keep this in mind and be on the lookout for more toddler-friendly cooking projects.


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