Painting In The Bath

Lewis has a cold this week, which consists mostly of coughing and a bit of sniffling and of course being more cranky and clingy than usual. He’s gotten quite good recently at playing on his own, keeping himself entertained, etc. but when he’s not feeling well he wants all Mama all the time during the day.

We skipped going to the library this week because I’m sure walking there through the cold would not be good for his cough, plus I wouldn’t want to spread the germs around to the other little ones. This was definitely a good decision since it let us shift lunch and naptime earlier in the day yesterday and he ended up sleeping nearly 4 hours! But, being cooped up inside with a sick toddler is not the most fun, so I have been employing my creativity to keep us busy and entertained. I’m not getting much cleaning and cooking done this week, but that is on the back burner for now while I focus on what my baby needs.

One thing we are keeping busy with is exploring some of Chris and my board games. Obviously Lewis can’t play any of them in the traditional sense yet, but a lot of them have interesting parts and pieces to play with. His favorite so far is “Ninja vs. Ninja” which has several little plastic ninja figures in it and a couple of interesting dice to play with as well. He likes it enough that he has added the word ninja to his vocabulary and now points to the closet and asks for “Dinna. Dinna.” (Or is it “Dinya”? His words are always so hard to put into written form.)

IMG_3220Another activity that has kept us well entertained has been to dump out my jar of buttons, marbles, and other odds and ends for us to explore. Lewis likes finding tiny ones and big ones, looking for blue things, sorting them into a tray and dumping them out, and loading them into Mama’s sweater pockets.

It’s also apparently fun to sit in the bin and stick them up your pant leg:

"I don't have pockets like Mama, I guess I'll stick them in my pants instead."

“I don’t have pockets like Mama, I guess I’ll stick them in my pants instead.”

The buttons and ninjas kept us busy for a good portion of yesterday, but by mid-morning today I could tell we needed something fresh to keep us occupied. Today is a bath day, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in some messy play before we got all fresh and clean.

"This is weird, why is there no water in my bath?"

“This is weird, why is there no water in my bath?”

I didn’t feel like doing our usual sit-at-the-table-and-eat-paint, so I decided to bring the whole activity into the tub. I’ve seen a few different blogs suggest the bath as the perfect place for messy play, but we had yet to try it.

I set things up with some squirts of different colored finger paints in a small bin along with a big squirt of “Baby Nighttime Bath.” We got four bottles of baby bath/baby shampoo as various baby shower gifts and are still working through the first bottle, so this seemed like a good use for it! It is lavender scented, so added another sensory element to our play. I put a small splash of water in the bin and then let Lewis get to work exploring.


He painted his knee a little and the side and bottom of the tub a bit, but then seemed at a loss. I had expected him to go to town with painting his body, but oddly he didn’t seem to want the paint on him besides his first little bit. I then showed him how we could stir the water and other things with a whisk to make some bubbles, which was a little more interesting.

We painted bubbly green painty stuff onto the tub and tiles for a little while longer, and Lewis had fun trying to stir to make more bubbles. After a while he started to show that he was done with this, so I moved the bin under the faucet and filled up the tub, letting the water bubble up the soap in the bin before overflowing into the tub.

IMG_3254We then had a lovely green tinted and bubbly bath to explore! Lewis seemed to like that he had the paintbrushes in the bathtub, just for the novelty of not usually having them there. He had fun splashing and kicking the bubbles and also enjoyed finding his toys hiding under the bubbles. We have only had a “bubble bath” a couple of times, so this was a fun new way to enjoy bath time!

He slept well last night with only one wake up, and is having a nice long nap again today, so I’m hoping recovery will be quick and we will be back to our happy energetic selves soon! I am also quite impressed that he has figured out how to blow his nose (with help holding the tissue, although he attempts it with holding it himself.) His favorite part is to say “blah!” afterwards and throw the barely-used tissue into the garbage. This nose blowing ability is a life saver for us since he has never put up with having the snot sucker thingy used on him, and that always ended with more tears and frustration than it was worth. Hopefully the cold clears up though and he won’t need to use too much of this nose blowing skill!



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