The Helpfulness Of Toddler Chores

Lewis, like pretty much any toddler, likes to get involved and be a part of what Mommy and Daddy are doing. Often this translates to him “helping” me with my household chores during the day.

If I sweep or mop he must have his turn with the mop or broom afterwards. (Side note: he likes cleaning so much he actually has words for these two things broom is “broom” but said more in the way you would say vrooom for a car, and mop is “dzzzz” because that is the sound our Swiffer wet jet makes.) When I washed the windows and mirrors one day he needed to have his own spray bottle of water and rag too.

I posted a while ago about him helping with some things, including unloading the dishwasher and playing with the laundry machine. He still helps unload the silverware most of the time, and sometimes tries to help take the cups and plates out although I am a bit jumpy about this since I worry he will drop and break something.

He also helps more and more with the laundry. He likes to help put dirty things into the laundry baskets, put Daddy’s clean socks into the laundry basket, carry things from the baskets to the laundry machine and from the laundry machine to the drying rack. He also helps hang things on the rack (often on top of other things that have already been hung) and pull dry clothes off the rack and put them up on the bed where they sit until Daddy or I fold them. And now he has started helping with the folding too!

Obviously this is the kind of helping that is really just about the opposite of helpful, but I’m never in any hurry to get the laundry put away as long as it is done before we climb into bed at night and this “help” is of course great practice for a year or two from now when he will actually be able to fold up the washcloths and put away the socks and things himself. Plus, he’s so cute!

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