Sounds Of The Wild

We have been feeling very cooped up and trapped inside recently with the cold cold temperatures we have been having. So when we saw that it would be a nice warm 30 degrees this morning I decided we had better get outside while we had the chance!

Almost as soon as we stepped out the door Lewis heard a crow in a nearby tree, and as we listened to the crow we started picking up the sounds of other things around us too. Lewis doesn’t have a lot of words yet, but he loves to practice using his voice by imitating the sounds around him.

Despite the “warm” temperature it was very windy outside so after making some footprints in the snow and of course eating a little of it (Lewis, not me) we headed back indoors. Even though Lewis was clearly not enjoying the cold snowy wind blowing on him, he was reluctant to come in since we have had so few chances to play in the snow recently. Then I came up with the idea to bring some of the snow in with us, which he apparently thought was a good solution.

I brought him in then grabbed our smaller sensory bin, scooped some snow into it, and sat him down on a big towel with the bin and a few toys. Perfect.

"I'm supposed to dig with this? I thought it was just a really big spoon to eat the snow with!"

“I’m supposed to dig with this? I thought it was just a really big spoon to eat the snow with!”

We played with some scoops and things in the snow and also added in some of his plastic animals. The animals made footprints in the snow just like we did outside! He had a lot more fun playing with his container of snow than he did when we tried this a year ago.  (Wow, he looks so tiny in those pictures!)

Unfortunately the temperature is supposed to drop again over the next few days, but then they are predicting for next weekend to be a little warmer again so I guess we won’t be trapped indoors forever.

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