Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014 everyone! New Year’s isn’t usually a big holiday around here. Chris and I usually stay up until midnight to acknowledge the passing into the new year, eat a bit of snacky food and have some wine or sparkling cider, but we don’t make a big deal of it and usually just watch some non-new-year related movie/TV or play some games. That being said, the passage into the new year is a great time to look at the year that has just past, remember the good memories, think about what we may have learned, what we would like to change, etc. etc.

I’d say that 2013 was a good year for all of us here. If anything it may have been a bit boring/uneventful but perhaps that feeling comes from comparing it to 2012 when we both got married and had a baby. 2013 was much more low-key. There were a lot of good times spent with family, and a lot of fun activities with Lewis as well as the joy of watching him growing from baby to toddler. We have no major life-changing events planned for 2014, so looking ahead into the new year I am expecting another happy, relaxed, and perhaps somewhat uneventful year with lots more Lewis-fun.

Unfortunately, all three of us caught a cold towards the end of Christmas time in Vermont, so we are all entering into this new year feeling a bit under the weather. It’s good that I’m not superstitious or I might worry that being sick now would “set the tone for the coming year” or something. Mostly I think we’ll all be feeling better in another few days and everything will be back to normal soon enough.

Being sick has been worst for Lewis since he can’t take any medicine, can’t/won’t blow his nose, won’t let me anywhere near him with nasal sprays or the snot-sucker thingy. He seems fine during the day but nights have been hard with his stuffed-up nose causing many fussy wakings. It doesn’t help that we are just coming through a period of teething with five total teeth breaking through in the past month, so his teeth was already a bit disrupted recently! Yesterday he skipped his nap entirely. Today we waited and put him down late for his nap and he thankfully went right to sleep.

IMG_2326Despite all being a little sick, we are enjoying having Chris home from work all this week. This morning we went out for some fun in the snow. The weather is supposed to be very cold the next few days, so we probably won’t be making it out to play at all the rest of the week.

Climbing a big snow-plowed hill!

Climbing a big snow-plowed hill!

Happy New Year! I hope it is a good one for everyone!


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