Early Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve! We are in Vermont enjoying a week at my parents’ house. We had our main Christmas celebration on Sunday since that is when most of my family was able to be here.

Lewis’ favorite item in his stocking was a whisk with a giraffe shaped handle, which he will have fun using while “helping” me cook.

At first he wasn’t very interested in participating in the present opening, but after a little while he realized that those packages had good things inside. As the only baby in the family he has been spoiled with too many presents and we saved a few more to be opened on the actual Christmas day, when my brother will be here too. So far the biggest hits have been a realistic toy vacuum and a DIY Truck from one of his aunties which has wooden tools, nails and screws, etc to take apart and put together.

Lewis has been the center of everyone’s attention (as usual.) He was a bit overwhelmed when everyone was here, especially my sisters with their two dogs, but he has stayed happy and excited to explore the house and spend time with family. Today we are recovering with a more relaxed day, play time outside, and an extra long nap.

We have also all been enjoying lots of food and holiday treats. We had a big turkey dinner Sunday, and tomorrow will be feast number two with ham! Lewis gets to eat all his food while sitting in the old wooden highchair that my siblings and I all used as babies.

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