(un)Wrapping Presents

Lewis and I got to work on wrapping most of our presents today! I would say “all” of our presents, but there are a couple of handmade things I’ve been slacking on finishing up, as well as one thing for Chris that hasn’t even shipped yet. And of course I can’t wrap Lewis’ presents in front of him, so those will be done at some point when he is sleeping. Unfortunately, he seems to be boycotting sleep this week.

We started out by wrapping as many as we could with our beautiful homemade paper. I love it!



Lewis was quite happy for a while playing with some Christmas decorations, watching me, playing with the tape dispenser and holding my scissors. Yes Daddy, I let him hold the scissors. No, he didn’t cut any fingers off or poke out an eye. They are children’s scissors after all and he was very good about just holding them gently and carefully inspecting them.

After many presents were wrapped, however, the novelty began to wear off for him and started to realize that some of the things that I was wrapping in all this paper were a bit interesting. A few things he tried to steal pre-wrapping, and he also attempted to unwrap one of the presents for Daddy.

So I gave him his own presents to unwrap!

IMG_2068I basically just started taking scraps of wrapping paper, grabbing nearby toys, and wrapping them quickly and messily, then giving them to him to pull the paper off of. He loved it! He didn’t really care what it was inside, it was just the fact that he got to unwrap something that he enjoyed. Bonus: he should be able to handle unwrapping his own presents on Christmas for the most part, with maybe just a little help getting the edge of the paper started.

We had fun with our festive present wrapping and unwrapping, but besides that today has been a bit of a flop. Lewis’ 15 month appointment was this morning and he was not at all happy with it. He was fine in the waiting room, and getting weighed (he got to stand on the big scale this time!) but once we went in the exam room it was all downhill. He tolerated having his chest listened to and his ears looked into, cried his way through having his tummy poked, height measured, etc. and continually tried to escape the room after that. We did manage to wander out of the room and find some toys to play with while the doctor prepped his immunization shots, but of course it was back to tears as soon as we had to go back in the room to get his shots.

Lunch and morning nap were fine, but then his afternoon nap didn’t happen and instead just consisted of him crying for several minutes, my going and getting him, comforting him, re-settling him, only to have him cry again for many more minutes. Eventually I went back to him when it is clear that he wasn’t going to relax, and he happily played (and unwrapped presents) for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Then bedtime rolled around and there was much more struggles and crying in the crib, eventually ending in this:

WP_20131209_003The poor thing wore himself out with his extra long afternoon and all his crying, and ended up falling asleep nursing which he has not done in several months. He is getting two molars in but we gave him some Tylenol, some I’m not really sure if the issue is to do with discomfort from that or just general overtiredness and too many fun and exciting things to do.

Thankfully he is peacefully asleep in his crib now, and hopefully we will have a normal night (which still involves one or two more wake-ups) and a better day tomorrow!



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