Christmas Spirit

Things are starting to get Christmas-y around here! I wasn’t sure how much Lewis would “get” Christmas this year, but he seems to be loving everything to do with it (whether he actually understands it or not.) Snow, Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees, wreaths, Christmas lights, etc. etc. – it’s all amazing to him! To be fair, he was super excited about all the Halloween decorations we saw all fall, but I think he is even more excited now by the Christmas trees and lights and everything.

Growing up the month of December was always filled with festive activities. My siblings and parents and I would all brainstorm activities like “bake cookies,” “make paper snowflakes,” “sing carols,” and “go sledding,” which would then be written on strips of red and green paper and made into a big paper chain. Each day leading up to Christmas we would take down one loop from the chain and that would be the day’s activity.

I look forward to doing this in future years with Lewis, when he will be able to help with it more and enjoy the tradition of it. This year I haven’t been so organized/routine with our activities, but we have been doing a variety of festive activities with plenty more to come!

Chris and I have yet to get a Christmas tree since we always travel for Christmas, but this year I decided we should at least put up some lights! Before hanging up the lights I used them in two photo shoots with Lewis, trying to get some good pictures for this year’s Christmas cards. It was fun, but I definitely got more blurry photos than anything else! I posted a couple pictures from photo shoot #1 on photo Friday, and here is one from our second photo shoot the next day:

Too bad Mr. Snowman is the only one not blurry! Lewis has been loving this snowman box and carrying it all around playing with it.

Too bad Mr. Snowman is the only one not blurry! Lewis has been loving this snowman box and carrying it all around playing with it.

Once we were done with the photos, I hung the lights up in our living room. I had first thought to hang a strand in each of our front windows, but then realized they wouldn’t work with the blinds there. So instead I’ve hung one strand between the living room and “dining room,” and have a second strand that I haven’t quite figured out where to hang yet.

We’ve been listening to Christmas radio stations  and playing the Laurie Berkner Band Christmas CD during the day. I’ve also been singing Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer and Jingle Bells a lot as they are the only songs I seem to remember the words to.

Lewis is fascinated with reindeer. One of our neighbors (with a 4 year old boy) has put antlers and a red nose on their car. Lewis and I watched reindeer videos on youtube one day as well which he loved.

We also decided to paint our own wrapping paper with a big piece of paper that was used as packing material in a box we got recently.


We both seemed to get a bit messy from the paint. I had a tiny handprint on my pants (hurray for washable paint) and Lewis needed a bath when we were done.


I made a big batch of sugar cookies on Friday. Half of them I baked and decorated Friday, the rest I baked yesterday and still need to get around to frosting them.

Hopefully I will get around to frosting them tomorrow, but it depends how the day plays out. Lewis has his 15-month appointment/vaccinations first thing in the morning. He’s finally getting some of his molars in (one on top and one on bottom as far as I can tell) and his sleep schedule has been a bit out of whack, but I’m hoping for him to take some good long naps tomorrow.

Plenty more Christmas activities still to come including a cotton ball sensory bin (which he played in with Daddy a bit tonight), tissue paper ornaments, Christmas books, and some red and/or green playdough if I ever get around to making it!


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