Weekend Visit

We spent this past weekend visiting Chris’ college roommate and his wife in their new house. They live about an hour and half away and we manage to visit them a few times a year, and they visit here about as often.

We headed out Saturday morning in time for Lewis’ first nap, and I was quite impressed with how calmly he went to sleep in the car. The past few months most of our longer car rides have involved him crying for a while and eventually falling asleep with me singing to him. This time I told him it was time for a nap, put a blanket over him, and then sat crocheting dishcloths and not engaging him in any way. He talked to himself a bit, stared out the window for a long while, and eventually drifted off to sleep with absolutely no fuss. Perfect!

We had a lot of fun seeing their new house and especially exploring the yard and neighboring park. We were lucky to have beautiful sunny weather on Saturday. Sunday was cloudier and chillier, but we still got some playtime in in the morning before it got really windy out.

Empty garden = fun dirt to dig in!

Empty garden = fun dirt to dig in!

Lewis wasn’t at all phased by being the only kid playing with 4 grown ups. I guess he is used to it, since most of his time is spent with grown ups. I’d like to try to find more chances for him to play with other kids – we haven’t been making it to the library story time the past few months because his naptime has been right at that same time. I guess when we go down to one nap a day (probably after Christmas) we will be able to start going again.

Lewis loves climbing things, although he needed a bit of extra help from Daddy.

Lewis loves climbing things, although he needed a bit of extra help from Daddy.

There were lots of slides and tunnels to explore, although eventually Lewis settled on the wood chips on the ground as his favorite thing about the park.

IMG_1512The park is technically “closed” for the season and we had it mostly to ourselves, but eventually a couple girls came through with a little dog. Lewis was super interested and really wanted to pet the doggy, but she was very hyper and much too busy running all around. No time to stop and say hello to a small human. Our friends have two cats which Lewis was also really wanted to pet, but they preferred activities like hiding under the bed or spying on us from high-up places and hissing if anyone came too close.

IMG_1521There was also a little stream by the park which Lewis wanted to go splash in. Daddy let him feel the cold water with his hands, but sadly none of us allowed him to wade in and soak his clothing. He was eventually lured away with a promise that we would go play with the pine cones by the house again.

We had a lot of fun playing indoors as well. The wooden floors were perfect for driving cars around. We had brought the game Tetris Link, which we didn’t end up playing but Lewis loved it. He was surprisingly good at dropping the little pieces into the playing board. I guess we need to get out more of our random board games for him to explore the pieces!

IMG_1544We had a great weekend with lots of yummy food and fun time with friends. The ride home went just as smoothly as the drive out there, with an equally easy car-nap for Lewis.

This is just the start of some busy time for us. We will be traveling out to Rochester, NY to spend Thanksgiving with family, then less than a month later driving to VT for Christmas. It will be lovely to see all my family again for the holidays, and hopefully those car rides go just as easily as these did!




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