Dumpster Dive

The apartment complex where we live is made up of many buildings, and there are dumpsters and recycling bins between every two buildings. When I take Lewis for a walk we end up walking past at least two, sometimes more, of these dumpsters. Lewis is fascinated with them and if we are out without the stroller he often requests a look into the recycle bins and sometimes the smelly dumpsters as well.

Generally what we see is just normal trash and recycling, but sometimes when people move or are just cleaning house they will leave furniture or other still-useful items next to the dumpsters rather than inside them. Last week Lewis and I were out walking to the grocery store and I spotted a little tricycle next to one of the dumpsters. We didn’t stop to look at it then, but after going to the store I decided to take a closer look. Lewis was immediately excited about it and as it didn’t appear broken or anything I decided to drag it home.

IMG_1295It was a bit dirty and the tires are a bit worn down as it was obviously stored and used outdoors, but otherwise it is in great shape. I gave it a good wipe-down as soon as we got home and Lewis spent most of the afternoon playing with it, dragging it around, flipping it over, etc.

It was a little bit of a silly thing to take home since it really is too big for him, we have limited storage space, and he already has a nice tricycle waiting for him at my parents house, but … it was free! And he was excited about it!

IMG_1296His feet reach the floor on tippy-toes, and at the rate he grows I imagine he will be able to push along with his feet by next summer at least. He also had fun sitting on it and letting me push him around a bit, and also just pushing/dragging it around the living room. It is in a closet for now but I think it is the kind of thing I can take out every now and then when we are feeling bored and it will give him some “new” entertainment for a while.

It has buttons and knobs on the handle bar area, but seems to need new batteries. A sticker on the bottom labels it as a Fisher-Price Dora Tryke. Googling this I found out that the seat is also adjustable to three different levels. Moving it down lower also moves it back further on the bike, so this is intended to make it work for a child to use the pedals as they get older and bigger. I am curious though it moving the seat down would make it possible for Lewis to push around with his feet.

The slots under the seat allowed it to be moved to different levels, although I haven't tried moving it yet.

The slots under the seat allowed it to be moved to different levels, although I haven’t tried moving it yet.

I have been debating getting him some kind of ride-on toy, probably one of the little “car” ones with four wheels intended more for a baby his age. I don’t think he would quite understand pushing along yet, and Chris and I had talked about waiting until the spring when he would be able to use it outside, but I just couldn’t resist picking up this freebie. I guess we will see how he handles this as he gets a bit taller and decided if we still need to get a smaller one in the spring for him. For now we will just enjoy this as something to play around with in whatever way he can, even though he can’t use it as a tricycle as intended.



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