Cookie Baking

“Chocolate chip cookies, you gotta have more/ You can bake ’em in the oven or buy them at the store/ but whatever you do, have them ready at the door/ And I’ll love ya until I die!”

Every time I bake/eat chocolate chip cookies I get this little song from girl scouts stuck in my head. Now you can too!

I’ve been itching to bake some cookies for the past week or two, but I’ve been putting it off – partially because our kitchen always seems to be a mess, and partially because we had a heap of apples so I felt if I was going to bake it should be with those. But we’ve been keeping up with the kitchen/dishes a bit better this past week or so (although I haven’t managed to finish my deep-clean yet) and after baking two pies, some baked apples, and making a big batch of applesauce the apples are finally under control. (Although still enough to bake one or two more things and some for snacking.)

So today Lewis and I made cookies!

I love getting him involved in what I’m doing as much as I can. Today I started him off in his highchair with a bit of flour to play around with while I started mixing the ingredients. He got interested as I was creaming together the butter + sugar and then adding the eggs, so I let him help me give it a stir. He started trying to add bits of flour from what he had been playing with on his tray and since we were to that point in the recipe I showed him that I had other flour to dump in and let him help me mix that.



He made a few attempts at actually trying to stir what was in the bowl, but mostly he wanted to take the spoon out and let cookie dough drop onto his tray. I assume this was his attempt at stealing some so he could eat it.

"I know Mommy said not to put my hands in, but I've got to check out what this stuff feels like!"

“I know Mommy said not to put my hands in, but I’ve got to check out what this stuff feels like!”

He did manage a few tiny tastes, although I tried to discourage it as there are raw eggs in it. He also decided to give the bowl a taste.


Once this was all mixed I added in the chocolate chips and gave him a couple to try while I mixed that. This was his first real taste of chocolate, and he seemed rather pleased with it. (He has had a bit of chocolate from a chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream in the summer, and also a small taste of hot cocoa recently, but neither of those things are really actually that chocolaty.)

"Please give me more chocolate chips! Why are there no more on my tray??"

“Please give me more chocolate chips! Why are there no more on my tray??”

I let him have about 10 chocolate chips, then told him there was no more for right now. He of course protested at this, but I then offered him some pomegranate and he seemed equally happy to snack away on pomegranate seeds while I finished up putting the cookies on their trays.

He hasn’t gotten to try the actual cookies yet since by the time they were done baking it was time for him to go down for nap, but decided to go ahead and write this since if I don’t get it done while he naps it probably will never get written/posted. I plan on putting the cookies away so they are not there to distract him from his lunch, and then offer him some to try at the end of his lunch when he’s eating a good amount of his “real” food.

I’m a big believer in letting him try whatever foods we are having (as long as they aren’t a choking hazard) and I don’t limit anything specifically or ban him from treats. However, we tend just not to have many treats in the house, so he really hasn’t had many experiences with sweets or really know what they are yet. Since they aren’t around in the house or a big part of our diet I think letting him try them when we do have them is fine and hopefully he will develop a healthy relationship with his food and understand that sweets are a treat that we only have once in a while.

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