The way that babies and toddlers learn language is absolutely amazing. Sometimes I think we take it for granted a bit and forget how truly hard and amazing it is for them to learn to understand (and then speak) all these new words. Because, not only are the words new to them, but the objects/emotions/actions/etc. being described by the words are also new. And for us it feels like we have just always known and understood all these words and things, but really it all started somewhere, probably before we were even born. I am loving watching Lewis go through this phase of language learning – seeing how he reacts to new words, seeing which ones seem confusing to him, which spark him to try saying them himself, etc.

In the mornings Lewis loves to steal Daddy’s 3DS and phone from his lunch box while he is getting his shoes on. One morning Chris told him that he had “snatched” them, and Lewis stopped and looked up at him and you could just see in his face that he was thinking “What was that you just said? That’s a new word – I haven’t heard that before.”

Some words that he hears for the first time he immediately seems to like the way they sound. He might get excited and laugh, and often he will make an attempt to say the interesting word himself. This has happened with both the words “scissors” and “sizzle” which he now says both as “sizzizzz.” He also finds the word “spatula” interesting and makes an attempt at saying it, although I won’t try to type it because I don’t know how to “spell” or put into writing most of the sounds he makes. A lot of his words sound either like a string of vowels or a string of consonants.

Our language can also be confusing in that a word can have multiple meanings (bare and bear) or two very different words can have a similar sound.

When we are playing outside and he starts digging in the dirt and rocks on the ground I sometimes use the word “gravel” when talking to him about what he is playing with, at which point he begins growling.

When he sees the coffee pot on the counter or a mug he now does a fake “coughing” sound.

When he has raisins for a snack or is requesting some raisins he will rub the raisin (or his finger) over his cheek to indicate a razor, like when Daddy shaves.

[No pictures today. I very strangely seem to have not taken any photos yet this week.]

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