Random Tidbits

Well, I seem to be slacking in my blog-writing recently. Finding some time to write can be hard because often it is a choice between blogging, washing dishes, getting lunch ready, doing some art, etc. Sleeping-baby time is precious and I always like to feel as though I’m using my time wisely (whether that means putting my feet up or getting down and scrubbing the floor depends on the day.) Anyway, since I haven’t updated in a bit I figured I would just blabber on at random about whatever comes to mind.

Exploring a squash from our CSA box.

Exploring a squash from our CSA box.

We have been having beautiful fall weather, still pretty warm during the day. Unfortunately some rainy/gloomy weather decided to hit us over the weekend. (Of course it had to be the weekend.) We had planned on apple picking again Saturday but it started to sprinkle just as we were getting into the car. We decided to risk it anyway and started driving towards the orchard, only to have it rain more. We detoured to the smaller orchard instead to check out the gift shop because they usually have a certain hot sauce that Chris loves and we hadn’t gone there in a while. There was no hot sauce for him but we had a fun time anyway. Lewis LOVED the pumpkins outside and ran around trying to pick them all up. We bought him a gourd and a tiny pumpkin to take home. He also had fun looking at the animals and exploring a little mini hay maze. Unfortunately we didn’t think to bring the camera with us.

I’m continuing to slowly chip away at the kitchen-cleaning. Some days all I can seem to get done is to wash a sink full of dishes, but I did finish organizing our food, sorting the gadgets and tools, scrubbed around/behind the sink, and cleaned the stove top. It is now on my to-do list to clean the drip pans under the burners more often. Eww! (Or perhaps we should just learn not to spill things while cooking.)

These things are shiny and hard to photograph. This is part way through scrubbing - I couldn't bear to show the true "before" photos.

These things are shiny and hard to photograph. This is part way through scrubbing – I couldn’t bear to show the true “before” photos. (And for some reason the photo turned itself on its side…)

My next big tasks in the kitchen are to clean the oven (eek) and clean all the appliances on the counter tops as well as under/behind everything. That one is fairly straightforward, but it takes actually catching up with the dishes first so that I have space to work. Unfortunately Chris is super busy with work this week so has less time/energy to help out with the dishes and such. It will get done eventually though and I will continue tackling it bit by bit.

Yesterday was gorgeous weather and Lewis and I had a lot of fun playing in the leaves. I kicked some into a pile and he enjoyed walking through them, sitting in them, kicking them, and picking them up to toss in the air. I didn’t bring the camera along but we will probably go play with the leaves again today so perhaps I will have some leaf photos to include in the Photo Friday post this week.

Lewis and I continue to go for walks almost every day with the stroller. The mornings have been quite chilly so we either have been going a bit later in the morning or waiting to go later in the day. I don’t really like that we are just going at random times though, so I need to just pick a time for this and make it a routine part of our day again. We usually walk about 30 minutes but when I went in for my physical the dr. recommended I exercise a bit more, and said if walking is my exercise it would be better to go for an hour. Today we walked for 45 minutes and Lewis seemed fine with it so perhaps I will start stretching out the length of our walks a bit. I’m always hesitant to confine him in the stroller too long because I worry he will get bored or uncomfortable, but I think that is just in my imagination.

Napping with his Champy monster.

Napping with his Champy monster.

Lewis’ sleep seems to be improving recently, although I am mentally prepared for it to just be a fluke and for it to get worse again at any time. His “normal” is to wake three times in the night and sleep 2-4 hours between each waking. Sometimes we have a night or few nights in a row where he wakes more than this or sleeps shorter times in between. However, in the past week he has had three nights where he slept for 6 straight hours and last night he only woke 2 times instead of the usual 3+, so I am feeling a bit hopeful that maybe he is finally growing out of waking quite so much. I guess only time will tell and I know his sleep patterns seem to constantly be changing anyway. He is still doing great with naps, which is wonderful for giving me time during the day to do a few things.

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  1. Covering the drip pans in tin foil and changing it occasionally is also a viable solution, though sometimes drips do make it through around the edges.

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