The Kitchn Cure

One of the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis is The Kitchn, and offshoot of the Apartment Therapy blog. This week they started a kitchen-cleaning challenge, called The Kitchn Cure. It’s a ten-day long challenge with a couple “break days” (or catch-up days) built in. Each day they post a new assignment for your kitchen and if you sign up they will also send you an email reminder. I have been meaning to deep-clean our kitchen for a long time now and never seem to find the time/energy for it, so I figured this was the perfect time to do it with a little hand holding and a community of other kitchen-cleaners to share complaints with.

They are promoting it asking people to post photos and stories on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc., labeling with hashtags and all that, but I decided it would just be easier for me to post some of my progress and before/after photos here. I guess I’m not as big on the social media as some people. Also don’t have an awesome phone with fancy camera to easily and instantly post photos.

The assignment for day one (monday) was to clean the refrigerator. Sort all the food, throw out expired condiments, wash all the surfaces, etc. This came on both a good and bad day for me. Since we do our shopping Sunday, Mondays the fridge is quite full of all the food for the week. This means there was a lot to work around but also that the fridge was looking especially disastrous and in need of some thorough organizing.



I found 6 or 7 condiment bottles to get rid of and some bags of wilted old herbs from our CSA box, but for the most part we don’t leave things like leftovers in the fridge to get moldy or anything. We are pretty good about eating up what we have or tossing things we aren’t going to use. The fridge was still pretty crowded after my cleaning, but at least it was clean and more organized.



They estimate 1-2 hours of cleaning for each day’s assignment, but even an hour is a stretch for me some days. I didn’t get to the freezer or the drawers of the fridge on Monday because Lewis woke up from his nap.

Tuesday’s assignment was cleaning the “pantry” (oh how I wish I had a pantry,) but I didn’t get even a start on it since I have other things to do also like relax with a cup of coffee, write in this blog, keep up with the laundry, and wash dishes.

Yesterday was also a wash since we discovered water coming up between the floor boards and maintenance was here for a while, eventually figuring out it was a leaking pipe behind the wall to the under-sink cabinet. They fixed that this morning and today I was able to get back into the cleaning a bit. I finished the last parts of the fridge/freezer, sorted my baking supplies and spice cabinet. I may have got more done if it weren’t for discovering spilled food coloring in the spice cabinet and spending a while scrubbing at it. (There are still stains.) I eliminated a few jars of clumpy/unused/expired seasonings and several bags of very old baking supplies.

Even though I am not keeping up with the day-by-day challenge, I plan on continuing to follow the steps of it and do as much as I can each day.

Tomorrow I get to sort our one food storage cabinet and wipe down the shelves, and then perhaps get started on cleaning the appliances and un-cluttering the gadgets and tools!

My task for tomorrow.

My task for tomorrow.

How’s your kitchen looking?

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