Baby Reads: Too Many Books!

My name is Theresa, and I am addicted to collecting children’s books for my son.

It runs in the family. My oldest sister collects favorite children’s book and she doesn’t have any kids. Every time we see my mom, she has a stack of books for us to look through and choose whichever ones we want for Lewis. Most of his books, including those from Grandma, are thrift-store finds. He’s also received many as gifts and of course some we have purchased new.

Regardless of how we got them, we have a lot of books.

These are the ones I removed from his shelf today and put away in the closet to get out again at some point in the future:

IMG_0233There are about 30-40 books in that stack. I didn’t count. Most of these are ones that he either never chooses to read or won’t sit through more than a page or two if he does choose them.

These are the books still out on his shelf:

IMG_0232There are at least 40 more books there. This doesn’t include the 10 or 15 in the living room and his play area, or the 5 (or more) by the rocking chair, pop-up books which I keep out of his reach, or the seven books we currently have out from the library….

I think toy rotation (keeping most of his toys put away and periodically switching out which are available) is a great thing, and intended to rotate his books as well. I do rotate which ones are in his basket by the reading corning in his play area, although he often carries books out into the living room or play area which end up added to his basket. We also rotate the collection by the rocking chair, but again he has a tendency to grab books off the shelf and add them to the pile.

I do like that he is able to choose his books for himself. He recognizes many of them by the spine and if not he knows immediately what they are once he pulls them off the shelf and sees the cover. Recently he has been pulling out half the books on the shelf and rejecting most of them before finding one he’d like to read. This is what sparked my putting away so many of them – now it is easier for him to find one he wants, and also results in less mess if he does pull them onto the floor. Also, I can now return my own books to their shelves that were beginning to be taken over by kid’s books. Win-win.

I’ve thought about doing wall shelves with the books facing out, which is an idea I’ve seen all over Pinterest and the web recently. But, there is really no good place for it in our little apartment. We have hardly any open wall space. So for now we’ll have to continue with our current system.

IMG_0029Happy reading!




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