Picking Apples

It’s September, and that means time to head to the orchard for some apple picking! We took Lewis on his first apple picking excursion to Bowman’s Orchards yesterday. Lewis had a blast, although I’m not sure the things he enjoyed most were the same things that others usually like about picking apples…

Lewis’ Top 5 Best Parts of Apple Picking:


1. Traffic cones!!! There were cones all over the orchard, marking off paths, showing where to drive, etc. Lewis pretty much got excited over every one that he spotted, and would have loved to stop and touch each one as well. Unfortunately that would have meant we didn’t have time for anything else, so we only touched a few of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. Flowers. Once we got to the shop and animals and such, Lewis was way more interested in looking at all the flowers than he was in playing, looking at animals, looking at people, sitting in chairs, or anything else.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA3. Apples. Lewis loves to eat apples, so of course he enjoyed seeing them on the trees and getting to try the different kinds. He may have enjoyed this part more if we had let him out of the stroller, but there was a lot of walking between each type of apple and we knew that once he was out of the stroller he wouldn’t want to get back in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. The playground. There was a pretty awesome play area with several big wooden structures of a boat, a jeep, a tractor, a firetruck, a wagon, and a train. Lewis had fun exploring thing although he was a little overwhelmed by the other kids running all around and all there was to look at. His favorite part seemed to be playing with the steering wheels of each vehicle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5. The animals. There were a lot of animals to look at, including goats, sheep, chickens, llamas, pigs, and ponies. We fed the goats some corn but most of the animals wouldn’t come over to be petted. Lewis’ favorite was a little dog that someone had brought and was walking around on a leash.

Chris and I had a lot of fun too. We fed our sweet tooth with some things from the bakery, although Chris was disappointed that they didn’t have his favorite Apple Cider Doughnut Ice Cream. We picked a bunch of apples and also bought some peaches, doughnuts, and cider to bring home. Today I made a peach-apple crisp and I also plan on stocking up the freezer with homemade applesauce. Yum!





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