I’ve been meaning to do a post about Lewis’ speech/communication for a while, but just now seem to be getting to it. The way speech develops for babies and toddlers is so interesting to me, and was always something I found fun and exciting when working with kids.

Lewis has been playing with sounds for a while and has some “words” that he has been saying for several weeks, but it seems like he is adding new sounds and new “words” all the time recently. Of course many of his words aren’t very clear and I think I am the only one that understands some of his new words. There are also many that sound the same, but you can tell from the context that he is using them differently, and the words they are approximating often do sound similar or have similar elements (like his animal noises.) I’m not sure how many of these officially count as words, but the first five or six he uses a lot and has been using regularly for more than a month.

I think it will be fun to have a record of all that he is saying at (almost) 1 year, so I wanted to make a list of all his “words.”

“Dada” – Dad, obviously. Also used for Mom and sometimes other people.

“Tha” – That. Used when pointing at things to ask what something is or show that he wants to look at something or play with something.

“Thi(s)” – This. Used in the same way as That. Sometimes he pronounces the “s,” sometimes not.

“Boov” – Boobs? Uses this when he wants to nurse, often combined with grabbing my shirt or breasts. This has evolved from saying “Boomba” for a little while and “Na-na” before that.

“Boo” – Moo, for a cow.

“Boo” – Hoo, for an owl.

“Boo” or “Boo-Boo” – Cock-a-doodle-doo for a rooster.

“A-a” – Quack quack, for a duck.

“A-a-a” – Banana. He just started this one the past couple days but has been using it every time he spots the bananas on the counter.

“Sssss” or sometimes “Kkkkkk” – For hissing like snakes (and lizards.)

Panting sounds for dogs and sometimes cats.

Growling Sounds for lions, tigers, dinosaurs, and often any other animal that he doesn’t know the sound for.

Snorting sounds or puffing air out his nose for hippos, rhinos and similar looking animals.

I don't have any photos of "talking" but this is cute and shows how expressive and communicative he is with his face.

I don’t have any photos of “talking” but this is cute and shows how expressive and communicative he is with his face.

Besides the words and sounds he tries to make he also has many signs. Some are official sign language signs, while most are just motions he has made up or picked up from watching me and Chris.

“More” – Claps his two hands together. One of the first sign language signs he learned, but he has mostly stopped using it in favor of “please.”

“Please” – Rubs hand on chest. Used when asking for food. Also uses this to ask to nurse or anything else he wants, such as to go into the bathroom when Daddy is showering and the door is shut.

“All Done” – Hands in the air. He does this infrequently and more often just fusses and throws food on the floor.

“Water” – Bringing his finger to his lips. We have been showing him this sign for a month or more and he has just picked up on doing it himself.

Lifts arm up in air for an elephant’s trunk, whenever he sees an elephant picture. We do this when making an elephant sound.

Stretching arms up into the air to show “tall” for a giraffe.

Waving hand in front of face (and often laughing or smiling) for pee-ew, stinky!

Waving hand in air for “hot.” Started one day when we got in the car and I said “phew, it’s hot!” he also uses it for the hot stove, etc.

Waving for bye-bye. Was waving for hi for a little while, but we don’t practice that much and I haven’t seen it recently.

He also uses the same bye-bye wave to say night-night when it is nap or bed time.

Blowing kisses – puts his palm against his open mouth. He’ll usually only do this for daddy at bedtime, and not always then.

Clapping when happy or excited.

High-fives when we put our hand out and ask for it.

Shaking his head “No.” He has been shaking his head to indicate spinning or motion for a long time now, but just started using it as “No” when I ask him to do something or try to give him something he doesn’t want.

The face says so much.

The face says so much.

I think that’s everything! I may update if I think of other words or signs that he uses frequently. Can’t wait to see what other new things he learns in the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Just love this idea of recording baby words! Thanks for the inspiration – I am going to go off and think about how to display this now!

    • Thanks Marianne. I love writing down little details of what he’s up to. I think it will be great to be able to look back years from now and have this reminder of his first words, the way he says “boo” for everything, etc.

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