Baby Reads

Lewis is completely in love with books right now. I think he spends more time looking at books, carrying them around, asking to be read to, etc. than he does any other one thing. He has definite favorites out of his book collection, but there are so many favorites, I can’t possibly talk about them all. So I’ll pick just a few to highlight.

One of his favorite themes in books right now is animals, and he even tries to make the animal sounds for many of them. (“Mooo”, “Cock-a-doodle-doo”, and “hoo-hoo” all come out as “boooo booo.” He makes snorting sounds for hippos, rhinos, etc. He also attempts to hiss like a snake although he doesn’t quite have the “ssss” sound down and his hiss is very guttural. Hedgehogs he makes a sniffing sound with his nose and dogs he starts panting.)

IMG_8879His favorite book to look at on his own is Things That Go (Lift The Flap) by Hinkler. I’ve mentioned this book before because he liked the flap with a hole in it on the rocket ship, but he is now started to get really interest in trucks and machines. His favorite is to turn to the page with the firetrucks and ask me to sing the firetruck song. He has fun trying to lift the flaps himself, and looks for specific ones like the Taxi that shows a family of passengers behind the flap.

Gotta dump the books all on the floor in order to properly see them and find the best one!

Gotta dump the books all on the floor in order to properly see them and find the best one!

Another big favorite right now is Jamberry by Bruce Degen. This is in our stack of books by the rocking chair and he gets excited to read it with Mommy during the day or at bedtime with Daddy. We’ve been eating a lot of berries since the stores are full of them right now, and I think he makes that connection a little bit. He also seems just to like the bright pictures and rhyming story.

tumblr_ly4q2e1ysg1qi2fjeo1_500The third book I want to mention is one we got from the library and is more “my pick” out of these. The book is Baby ABC by Deborah Donenfeld, and I wanted to mention it because this is one of the cutest alphabet books I’ve seen. Each page has a black-and-white image of a baby dressed in just a diaper, with pops of color showing whatever object goes with that letter. For A the baby is holding a red apple, B is wearing yellow boots, etc. The image for G (glasses) is shown on the cover. Lewis loves looking at the babies in this book and at the things each on has for their letter. He’s very interested in body parts and clothing, so he loves the ones with boots, socks, hat, etc. and often points to the part of his body where those clothes go. He also likes seeing the ones with every day household objects that he is used to, like the mop and the quilt. He will happily sit and read through this entire alphabet book with me and then start turning the pages to find his favorite images. That’s saying a lot since alphabet books often start to get boring by the end, and even my 2-3 year olds at preschool had a hard time sitting through most alphabet books! This book seems to have just the right level of simple, clear, bright pictures with familiar objects that is just perfect for holding baby’s interest. We got this from the library but I would consider getting our own copy of this, especially when he is a bit older and begins showing interest in the actual letters.

41biF9eqGzL._SX260_There are so many other favorite books, and he can sit and read books for at least 20-30 minutes at a time. Sometimes he is so excited to choose the next book that he doesn’t want to finish the one we are on, so he busily picks out books and hands them to me to read and then half way through he’s there handing me another one. Often I am the one who ends our reading sessions because I need to pee, get some water, etc.

He also has a cute new habit of wandering out of the bedroom in the morning while Chris and I are still trying to wake up, and coming back in with a book for us to read in bed.

I love my little bookworm and hope he keeps up his interest in books and stories!





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