Family Time

Even though I don’t work a M-F week any more, and I love spending my days with Lewis, I still look forwards to the weekends every week! The weekends are when Chris, Lewis, and I get to hang out as a family, spend the whole day playing together, relaxing, or going on adventures. Some weekends feel busy with traveling places, shopping, or other things. Other weekends are slower paced. They all seem to fly by though.

This past weekend was the best kind of weekend. We spent some time being lazy and relaxing, and also went out to do some things together.

We started off Saturday morning with a big breakfast together. Chris and I both love breakfast foods, but he leans more towards the savory (hash browns, bacon, breakfast burritos, etc.) whereas I lean towards pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc. We ended up with bacon, homemade hash browns, an omelette (for Chris) and whole wheat banana pancakes (for me and Lewis.) Lewis decided that the bacon was the absolute best part of the meal and he didn’t want to eat any of the rest of it.

After breakfast we all walked over to a yard sale I had spotted on Friday, and we ended up getting an awesome Fisher Price block activity table thingy. Lewis loves it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe (and Daddy) spent a good part of the day Saturday playing with it and exploring all the different things it can do, looking at the different things inside the blocks, etc. It came with a ton of extra blocks as well as a giraffe thingy that he can put the blocks in or just carry around. He also keeps going back to play with it yesterday and today. It is perfect for his level right now with fiddly bits to work on his fine motor skills, places to put the blocks in and out, etc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASaturday night we took a ball and a frisbee outside in the lawn between apartments to enjoy the beautiful weather. I wasn’t sure how Lewis would react since he is sometimes a bit hesitant about being on the grass, and also with Daddy and I playing frisbee our attention wasn’t as focused on him as usual. He loved it! He was excited to watch us throwing the frisbee, kicking the ball, and running around. He had fun picking clover flowers in the grass and surprised me with doing a lot of walking on the grass. He is usually very timid about walking on grass since it is more of a challenge, but he seemed to gain more and more confidence with it just in the time we were out there.

A lot of our scheduling of time revolves around Lewis’ nap times still, so often we only half-plan things ahead of time but don’t finalize things until we see when he has woken up in the morning, which sets the tone for when he will need to nap. We came up with two ideas for Sunday: either to go blueberry picking and see the animals (goats) at the orchard or to go to Olive Garden for lunch together. We were leaning towards the berry picking but Lewis apparently had other plans. He fell asleep in his stroller while we were out for our morning walk, an hour earlier than I had expected him to nap. Since Olive Garden opens earlier than the orchard it worked out to be perfect timing to go to lunch after he woke up. He was super well behaved at the restaurant, stayed in the high chair the entire time we were eating, and absolutely loved gnawing on bread sticks and dropping pieces of shrimp and olives onto the floor.

After Olive Garden we decided to check out Toys R Us since it was nearby. We didn’t have any real plan of anything to buy, just decided to wander through the store and see what caught our interest. Of course we had to check out the video games and Skylanders display since that is the line of games that Daddy’s company (Vicarious Visions) is doing a lot of work on. Lewis was super excited over a big plush Eruptor, which seems to be one of his favorite Skylanders to play with in Daddy’s collection. He got to play with it a bit in the store but we didn’t think we needed to bring it home. We ended up buying him another puzzle instead, mostly because he saw it on the shelf and kept saying “boooo, boooo” at the cow in the farm scene. (I don’t know how to type up the way he actually pronounces that… it is somewhere between a “b” and a “v” sound, like in the spanish word “vaca” I guess, but it’s been a long time since I took Spanish. He is working hard on his “b” sounds recently so most of his “words” and sounds end up with a “b” mixed in.)

My favorite picture. I asked him for a smile and he gave me this goofy snarl face instead.

My favorite picture. I asked him for a smile and he gave me this goofy snarl face instead.

Sunday afternoon I was tired out and had a nice long nap while Lewis was napping. Chris was a sweetheart and took the opportunity to do some dishes and tidy up the living room, and of course relax with his video games as well.

Once Lewis was in bed for the night we finished watching The Hobbit together and enjoyed some rootbeer floats. Yum! It was a great weekend, which of course means we are all just wishing for more weekend time. The next couple weekends will be busy with travel since next week we are headed up to the family camp again. This time there will be all kinds of extended family there, which will be a different kind of fun!

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