As of today Lewis now has tooth #5 beginning to break through! It is his second tooth on the top left. Googling tells me that these two top teeth come in between 9-13 months, so he seems to be right on track.

He is not at all a fan of me trying to look in his mouth, but I have suspected this tooth was coming in for the past week or so. The glimpses I could get of the area seemed to show it looking a bit swollen, but I couldn’t feel anything poking through until tonight. I think it will get harder and harder to tell when he is getting teeth as they get farther away from center since I know he won’t want to open up and let me have a look.

We have been lucky that all of his teething so far hasn’t seemed to affect him too much. He wakes a bit more at night, but he wakes a lot at night anyway (usually 2-3 times a night, this past week with teething it has been 4 times a night.) He has also been nursing A LOT. He has always been a frequent nurser, but this past week he will literally ask to nurse half an hour after just having nursed, and then another half hour after that, etc. Parts of the day he will go an hour or two, but he is nursing a lot even compared to his normal frequent nursing. Besides the nursing and slight trouble sleeping he hasn’t shown much trouble at all, no real crankiness or anything.

I haven’t caught any pictures of the new tooth yet, but here are some recent toothy photos showing off his other four!

IMG_8511 IMG_8317

2 thoughts on “Teething

  1. Aww! Look at them teefers! ๐Ÿ™‚ My guy has been getting his teeth so much sooner than my other kids. He even has his two year molars in now! I kind of wonder if it has anything to do with not taking a bottle or pacifier like his brothers and sister did….probably not, but it’s a thought! Nursing has helped us too through teething! It’s kind of like a built in first aid kit! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wow, two year molars already! Sounds like my little sister. She got her first teeth at 2 months old. She’s three years younger than me and actually got her 12 year molars before I did! Crazy how all of this works.

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