Dish Cloth Mania

When I started this blog my intention was to not only post about Lewis, but also to include some posts about my own art/crafting/cooking/etc. I’ve written a bit about things I’ve cooked and baked, mostly in relation to Lewis, but I haven’t posted much about the artistic side of things. I’ve been feeling inspired to create more recently, so I thought I would share some of that with you.

I’ve worked in an art journal off and on for a long time. I did a lot in it while pregnant with Lewis, especially in the few weeks that I was home between stopping work and actually giving birth. At that point I had uploaded some photos of a few pages to flickr. Since Lewis was born I’ve done quite a bit of sketching and doodling combined with journaling, but not much of the painting/glueing/etc. that I had been doing.

As I was sorting through a box of papers yesterday I found several product registration card thingies that we never sent in to register whatever random things we had purchased. For some reason this pile of little cards inspired me to make a little book with these and some other random papers, junk mail, cards, etc.


The cover.

I haven’t done much yet beyond just putting together the book and gessoing over some of the pages to make more of a blank canvas for work.

The page on the right is a pocket.

The page on the right is a pocket.

This little book has me feeling inspired to do more painting/collage/drawing/etc. If you are interested in art journaling, altered art, etc. I recommend looking at the Daisy Yellow blog and

My creative energy has also recently been pouring out into a mountain of cotton dish cloths.

IMG_8621It started with making a new cloth for our kitchen when I noticed several of ours were getting worn out. I used up all my cotton yarn making three or four more cloths, and then went and bought several more balls of cotton.

IMG_8616I have a stack of 8 dish cloths sitting by the couch, I’ve given away 3, put one into rotation in the kitchen, and have yet another just cast on to my knitting needles.

IMG_8613The knit cloths are my favorite to use, but I’ve made a lot more of the crocheted ones because they are faster and use less yarn. I think the dish cloths are appealing to me right now because they are small and can actually be finished, they are easy to pick up and put down while busy with Lewis, and they also don’t get boring because there are so many different patterns I can try out. I think I need to try this leaf pattern soon, but first I have to get more cotton yarn.

Anyone need a new dish cloth?




2 thoughts on “Dish Cloth Mania

  1. I’ve never thought of crocheting or knitting a dishcloth. Great idea! And having something small like that does provide a great sense of accomplishment. I never finished the blanket I was crocheting for my boy (he’s now 8). About a year ago I just admitted defeat and used it as a tree warmer.

    • I love that you found a new use for the blanket! I have a closet full of half-finished projects. I grew up with cotton dishcloths my mom knit and crocheted and my husband always had knit dish cloths from his grandma, so it’s what we are both used to. They’re a great way to try out new granny square patterns, new stitches, etc. Plus they can be thrown right in the laundry with everything else, so easy to keep clean and fresh!

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