How Does It Work?

Our little Lewis is extremely curious, especially when it comes to trying to figure out the mechanics of things. Anything with screws, bolts, hooks, a lid, hinges, or moving parts of any kind is just an invitation for him to start studying and fiddling with it to try to understand how it works. Before we know it he’s going to be dismantling my sewing machine and taking apart the toaster to see what’s inside. He’s also quite curious about cause-and-effect of things.

Some of the earliest things he started “studying” were the wheels of his stroller (which I guess he has all figured out since he doesn’t play with them anymore), the dead bolt on our door (which he quickly learned to lock and unlock if you hold him near it), and all the moving parts under our glider chair and foot stool (he started studying these as soon as he could sit up near them, and still gets down to check them out from time to time.) The vacuum cleaner has also been one of his favorite things from the first time he spotted it, because it has so many different interesting parts and pieces to it.

IMG_4718He’s fascinated with the laundry machine and dish washer, always trying to open doors, flip switches, turn knobs.

Up at camp he loves playing on the swinging bench thingy, and looking at/touching all the bolts and hooks and things that make it work.

"Hey look how that is connected, that is so cool!"

“Hey look how that is connected, that is so cool!”

He likes to play with the baby gate, swinging it open and shut, looking at the hinges and the latch mechanism. He also studies all the different parts of our second baby gate which is different and has a completely different locking system.

Recently he has been spending a lot of time crawling under the table and chairs and checking out how they are put together.

"What a neat screw right there!"

“What a neat screw right there!”

He has been taking lids off containers for ages, and attempts to put them back on. This includes being able to open the handles on my plastic storage bins and now also take the lid off.

We have some of these tea tins from Adagio, and he figured out how to open the latch on them after watching Chris and I do it just a couple of times. (He has an empty one he can play with. I don’t give him tea to dump all over the floors.)

He understands that the light switches turn the lights on and off, and will happily turn them on and off and on and off and on and off himself if you hold him near the switch. He will also pull the string/chain to turn on the bathroom fan as well as the ceiling fan over our table.

There are sliding glass doors on our entertainment center and after fiddling with them for a few days he figured out how to slide them out of the way to get at all the “good stuff” inside. We had to get creative with some safety locks to stop him from opening these and messing with the xbox/ps3/game controllers/cables/etc.

"My highchair is so interesting underneath!"

“My highchair is so interesting underneath!”

I just love seeing how curious he is about all of this, and watching those little wheels turning inside of his head. I can’t wait to see what other things he will discover, and hope he doesn’t get himself into to much trouble with all his exploring!


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