Birthday Weekend

We’ve had another busy weekend this weekend. Yesterday morning we drove out to visit some friends for the weekend. We made the plans for this visit about a month ago, and it wasn’t until after we had decided on the dates that I realized today would be my birthday. Chris mentioned this to our friends, and they ended up making me a delicious chocolate/mocha cake. Yum!

We weren’t sure how Lewis would do with the visit since it was so soon after our trip to camp and he’s only met these friends twice before, but he did really great.

Their apartment is on two levels and this was the first time since become mobile that Lewis has been somewhere with a full flight of stairs. He loved climbing up them (but had no clue how to climb down and  no interest in figuring that out.)



They have two cats, although one of them hid the entire time we were there. The other came out some and kept an eye on us, but didn’t want anyone to come close. Lewis was very excited every time he saw her but a little nervous after getting hissed at, so he mostly watched and pointed at her from a distance. The cats had a little electronic water fountain which we ended up having to put away because Lewis thought it was a fun place to splash and play.

IMG_8195He even got down on the floor and tried to drink from it.

Saturday afternoon we went bowling which was a lot of fun. Lewis got a bit antsy since we were staying in one area and he wanted to spend the whole time exploring. He also didn’t like when it was Mommy’s turn to bowl and he had to wait a minute or two to be held. Mostly he had fun though and liked exploring the balls, the nasty dirty floor, and watching the bowling and the score screens.

"Walking straight off this ledge seems totally safe!"

“Walking straight off this ledge seems totally safe!”

We had a lot of tasty food all weekend, including tacos, grilled chicken, fresh bagels, take out chinese, and of course the yummy cake. Lewis enjoyed sampling everything except the cake, which we waited to have when he was sleeping.

He is getting so confident in himself and his walking, and also more and more comfortable being around people besides Mommy and Daddy. He did great with his aunties and grandparents at camp this past week, and even better with our friends this weekend. He even let them hold him and play with him without showing any sign of feeling nervous or uncomfortable. I hope he keeps feeling safe with other people and that we’re over the worst stage of separation anxiety, which he hit really young.

We’ll try to get to the library for story time tuesday or wednesday this week, which will be another chance for him to work on socializing. In mid-August he’ll have the biggest test when we are at the camp again with many of my aunts/uncles/cousins/siblings/etc. Hopefully he won’t get too overwhelmed surrounded by so many people!


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