On The Lake

This past week we spent several days at my family’s cabin on Lake Champlain. The first time we went up this spring it was very chilly. When we went in June it was rainy. This time we finally got some beautiful sunny hot weather, perfect for being on the lake. We went swimming just about every day. Lewis didn’t like it when the water was very choppy, but he loved it on days when the lake was calm!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe saw lots of family while we were there, most of them just for a day or two. Lewis still wants Mommy and Daddy most of the time, but he is starting to warm up a little to other people. He had a lot of fun playing with Auntie Anna and especially liked feeding her clover flowers. He was excited to see Ellen and Sallie and their doggies. Both dogs were rescue dogs and one is a bit unpredictable with people, so we didn’t get too close with her. The other is big and friendly. Lewis kept wanting to pet him, but wasn’t sure he liked getting doggy kisses.

Grandma and Grandpa got there the day after us and were there the whole time (and get to stay a few days after us.) Lewis is really starting to get to know them and getting more comfortable with them. He would say “Da-da-da” when he saw either of them and payed a lot of attention to what they were doing or where they went when they left a room. (He says “Da-da-da” for everyone recently, including me, but he also clearly knows that “Da-da” is Chris and other people have other names.)

He gained a lot of confidence with Grandma and let her hold him a few times. It probably helped that she shared some yummy berries with him!

He gained a lot of confidence with Grandma and let her hold him a few times. It probably helped that she shared some yummy berries with him!


We were playing outside and he brought a truck over to show Grandpa. He spent a little while trying to put it in and out of the cup holder on Grandpa’s chair.

We also had fun playing with some new things Grandpa brought us. He liked climbing on this little slide and playing peek-a-boo through the holes, and trying to slide down with help. We don’t have any space for this at home so we left it at the camp and will have fun with it when we are there in August and next summer.


Grandpa also brought a little Lewis-sized chair. We did some water play one day to cool off and Lewis decided the chair needed washing. He kept busy with this for a long time!


We had a lot of fun at camp, but it is good to be home now too. Lewis was very worn out there from being so busy and from the heat, and he took many long naps. When we got home on Wednesday he was very excited to see all his familiar things and was even getting down and touching the carpet as if he had missed that too. We get to unwind for a couple days, and then tomorrow we are headed off again to spend the weekend (and my birthday!) with some friends. This visit will just be one night away, so hopefully it isn’t so exhausting for our little one.


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