Ten Months

It’s hard to believe that my tiny little brand new baby boy is suddenly a big ten month old! You’re always told how quickly these baby days disappear, and it feels as though this past month has been the fastest one yet.



He hasn’t been doing too much physical growth these past few months, but he sure is learning a lot of new skills and understanding all kinds of new things! His latest accomplishment? Walking! I took a little video today of us just playing and it shows some of his new walking skill (which he is really just gaining confidence in in the past few days.)

Please excuse my complete lack of skill as a videographer.

We also took our usual monthly photos. I think I say this every month, but I’m pretty sure this was the hardest month yet to get a good photo!

IMG_7702All he wanted to do was try to grab my sign that said “Ten Months.” It turned into sort of a game. He would pull the sign down and hand it to me and wait for me to stick it up in a new place for him to pull down again. Sometimes he also tried to stick it back on the wall himself. Unfortunately, this “game” meant that almost all the photos are of him with his back towards me!

"Got it!"

“Got it!”

To any other Mamas out there wanting to do monthly photos of your little one: Don’t use a paper sign! I’d recommend either using those stickers they sell that you can stick on the baby’s shirt each month, or just take some nice photos and photo shop in a date afterwards.

At least we managed to get a few good ones!

IMG_7750It’s crazy to think that we only have two more months of doing these photos, and then we will have a great big 1-year-old on our hands!



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