Back To The Library

Lewis and I enjoyed visiting the library for baby story time for most of the spring, but the session ended at the end of May and took a break for the month of June. For the summer they are having story time on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays and it is drop-in which is great because it means we don’t have to try to plan ahead for it, we can just go whenever it works out.

The first new session was last Wed. and we would have gone but Lewis was napping. Again yesterday he needed a nap right at 11:00 and the class is 11:15 so it didn’t work out. Today he surprised me by taking a very early nap and was awake in time for us to go over. (We were having trouble with nap times over the weekend so I hesitated to put him down early today, but he seemed so sleepy and ‘ready’ for a nap that I decided to try it and he went down without any fuss, so maybe we are past the tough nap times for now.) It was very hot and humid out, as it has been recently, but we sun-screened up and didn’t worry about the heat too much since it is a short walk.

We got to the library just as the class was getting started but since a couple more parents/babies came in after us I didn’t feel too bad about being “late.” Lewis was feeling super shy and stayed right with me for nearly the whole story and song time, finally crawling off to play with the door on the last story. When the librarian got out the basket of toys he brought me over and picked out a few things to play with but he was still very shy of the other babies and parents.

There was only one mom/baby we knew from last session, but a lot of the mom’s there seemed to know each other and some seemed familiar with the class, so I guess they had gone to previous sessions or just been there last week or maybe yesterday. Last time Lewis was one of the younger babies in the class, but today he was a bit older than most of the others and there was only one baby there walking today. I was also surprised to see mostly girl-babies there since last time it was almost all boys.

Hopefully we will make it out the door to go again next week. I think the more we continue to go the more Lewis will warm back up to being there. His shy-ness is likely just because it has been over a month since we were last there.

[I don’t have any photos of library time or even reading books any time recently. Obviously I need to sneak in with the camera while Lewis has his bedtime stories with Daddy sometime.]

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