Busy With Baby

As usual, things have been quite busy around here with day-to-day life. Lewis is quite a busy little guy and likes to always have Mommy and/or Daddy participating in his busy-ness. Of course there is also the usual housework and shopping and everything else that needs doing, and it seems my blog writing has gotten pushed a bit into the sidelines recently.

One of my sisters visited this past weekend, and Lewis enjoyed playing with his Auntie. He has a lot of stranger anxiety/separation anxiety, but it seems he is warming up a bit more recently to the idea of being with People Who Are Not Mom Or Dad. He seems to do especially well with my sisters, perhaps because they are similar to me. He didn’t want Anna to hold him at all, but enjoyed sitting on the floor playing or reading books with her, or walking around holding her hand for support like he does with me and Chris.

We had fun playing with colored ice in our water bin outside on Friday. I’m not sure how much Lewis noticed the colors of the ice, since he just sat and sucked on the ice cubes as usual.

IMG_7434Saturday we all went to Target and Marshalls to do a bit of shopping. We had planned to go to Old Navy but when we arrived there was a huge line of people lined up outside, making us think of Black Friday lines. The only reason we could think of was that we knew they were having $1 flip-flops, but do people really line all up for that or was something else going on? Either way, we decided to avoid the crowds and skip that part of our shopping. We got some tacos/burritos for lunch and then in the afternoon enjoyed going swimming in the pool. Lewis had fun swimming like usual but actually seemed more interested in walking around and exploring around the outside of the pool this time.

For some reason Lewis had a very hard time with his naps all weekend. He has been doing excellent with his sleep, going into the crib with a smile for both naps and bedtime for several weeks now. This weekend he was crying and crying when put down for naps, and a few times he cried for 10-15 minutes, which has always been our limit, and we had to go get him and comfort him. He had some trouble with bedtimes too but not as bad as the naps. It’s been rather draining trying to deal with an upset non-napping baby who wants Mommy all the time, but I think we are past it now and hopefully it was only those few days of it.

I let him nap on me for one of his naps Sunday because he was just so cranky and overtired but refused to settle in the crib.

I let him nap on me for one of his naps Sunday because he was just so cranky and overtired but refused to settle in the crib.

He may have been upset from teething pain, since he has just gotten his two top teeth. The sleep trouble didn’t start until after they had both broken through, but one of them was still looking somewhat swollen so maybe it was bothering him. He may also just be adjusting his schedule and not need to nap as soon as before. I normally give him 2-ish hours of awake time before putting him down for a nap, and he takes 3 naps in a day. Today I let him stay awake 3 1/2 hours before his first nap and then about 3 hours of awake time before his second nap, and we didn’t do a third nap. He did great today and napped without a fuss, so I will probably continue adjusting our schedule and maybe switch to 2 naps permanently.

We’ve also started getting a CSA box weekly, which is also making things a bit busy. We are enjoying all the fresh veggies and trying new things, but since there is more veg than we usually have and they are all farm-fresh and dirty they take a little more processing than our usual broccoli/peppers/carrots/etc. that we get from the grocery store.

Since it is spring we are getting a lot of lettuce and other greens so far, plus herbs, radishes, green onions, kholrabi, garlic scapes, and turnips. We’ve made a couple pasta dishes, lots of salad, two batches of pesto, and pizza with a variety of veggies including sliced turnip and radishes. I love watching Lewis try the new veggies and he seems to like pretty much all of it, especially the radishes!



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