Stickers With Baby

Babies like playing with sticky things. Tape, stickers, etc. are novel and interesting to explore. My youngest sister as a baby would fall asleep in her crib with stickers stuck all over her face and body. One of my cousins was obsessed with tape as a young child. Lewis is too young and doesn’t have the skills yet to stick stickers onto paper, but he can peel them off! We first did this activity a few weeks ago, and have revisited it a few times since.

I got the idea for this when he was trying to peel my sticker name tag off my shirt when we visited Chris’ work, and then a few days later kept trying to pick a band aid off me and pull the stamp off an envelope he found on the couch. I have a lot of random stickers, so I dug out some fairly big ones, stuck a few on a scrap piece of card stock, and gave it to him to figure out. Since he was already in that peeling-things-off mode he quickly got it and started picking away at the stickers.

IMG_5877The stickers are kind of old and not super-sticky, so he is able to peel them off pretty easily once he gets an edge started to grab on. This is a supervised activity since he does try to pop them in his mouth once he has pulled them off. Depending on his mood while we are doing this he is sometimes very good about handing them to me when I ask for them and other time tries to eat every single sticker. If the sticker eating is too big of an issue we end the activity, but he really is quite good about cooperating with me and giving them to me when I hold out my hand and ask for it.

IMG_5881This activity is great to help him develop his concentration skills since he gets very focused with this and remains focused and working hard for several minutes at least. It is also an awesome way to work on those fine motor skills. Plus it is fun!