Busy Weekend Away

Sorry I haven’t posted in almost a week! We left Friday to head up to my family’s cabin on Lake Champlain, and got back Tuesday. Yesterday Lewis and I were busy settling back in here and unpacking.

As usual our time at the camp was lovely, busy, and too short. Last time we went up it was quite chilly out. This time the weather started off pretty mild and then got hot and humid. Friday was a very nice day. Chris made a fire and we had hotdogs and s’mores for dinner. (Lewis had strawberries.) My uncle and cousin also arrived on Friday. They were pretty busy working on the treehouse all weekend so we didn’t see a ton of them.

Saturday started out nice but a little chillier than I expected. A couple of my best friends came and visited with us for a few hours. Lewis wasn’t sure what to think of them, but warmed up after a while. We had some rain saturday afternoon but not too much.

For some reason I hardly took any photos the first few days. Most of the photos we took were of our Tegu blocks. (Which reminds me… I need to submit those photos for a chance to win more blocks!)

IMG_7053On Sunday Aunties Ellen and Sallie came to visit. We hung out and chatted and then got brave and went for a swim! The lake was quite cold but it was refreshing. Lewis loved it and didn’t seem to mind the cold. It started raining again shortly after our swim, so all our towels and swim suits got soaked.

Sunday was also Chris and my 1 year anniversary! A year ago we were up at the camp for our wedding. It has been a really wonderful and busy year together, and we are looking forward to many many more years with each other. We didn’t do any big celebration, just enjoyed our favorite wine together after Lewis went to bed, played Yahtzee (I kicked his butt) and looked through some of our wedding photos.

Monday was very busy because we went to the laundromat and walked all around town and played in two different parks while the laundry was running.

IMG_7206It was pretty hot out and on the way back we stopped for some ice cream, and Lewis got to have his first taste.

IMG_7226We got more rain Monday night. All that rain made for a lot of mud!

IMG_7095Tuesday was time to start packing up and getting ready to go home. The family has two cabins and I asked Chris to drive some things across the street to put away in the other cabin until we’ll be there again. He thought it would be easiest to back up to the door to unload things, but didn’t factor in the wet lawn.

He ended up stuck in the mud. We tried several things to get the car out ourselves but the front tires were just spinning and digging themselves deeper into the mud. We thought if we left it alone for a bit the sun would dry out the ground and we might have better luck. Of course another rainstorm rolled in with the heaviest rain we had seen yet. Even the lake started getting muddy from the hard fast rain coming down.

IMG_7270We admitted defeat and called a tow company to get the car out. I had tried to convince Chris that getting stuck was just a sign we needed to stay at the lake an extra day, but he has this pesky thing called “work” that he needed to go to. Oh well! At least we got the car out and were still able to make it home in time to have dinner and watch So You Think You Can Dance.

IMG_7280I think we’re all caught up! Expect more lake photos in tomorrow’s Photo Friday post.







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