Baby Steps

In the past week Lewis has been gaining more and more confidence in himself and his ability to stand without support. At first if Chris or I let go of him he would only continue standing if there was something in his hands that was distracting him, and he’d plop down after about 10-15 seconds, or even sooner. He’s getting to the point now where he will willingly let go of his support to stand on his own, and a few times he’s stood for close to a minute before going down to the floor or grabbing back out for something to hold onto.

Over the weekend he has been doing especially well with this, and he even dared to take a step forward a few times! So far it has been tiny little steps or just a half a step and then he stands still again or topples forward, but it is still exciting. It seems he needs a strong motivator to get him to step forward most of the time. He did it once while playing with Daddy, another time to get closer to the vacuum cleaner which he loves and is one of his favorite “toys” to inspect/play with, and a third time I saw him do it was when he was trying to steal my string cheese (and yes, I let him take it and share some bites.) Clearly this child has his priorities straight of the things that matter in life.

Since he has been doing so awesome with his standing I decided to get a little video of him today. He surprised me by taking one of his tiny steps forward!

I am so proud of him, and I can tell he is proud of himself every time he stands a little longer and shows himself how strong he is.


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