Happy Father’s Day!

I hope all the Dad’s out there (and everyone else) has enjoyed a nice Father’s Day today!

Lewis decided to crawl over and watch some Mythbusters with Daddy after he finished nursing this morning.

Lewis decided to crawl over and watch some Mythbusters with Daddy after he finished nursing this morning.

We have had a rather typical weekend in that it was somehow both lazy and very busy and of course went by way too fast.

Yesterday Lewis woke us up bright and early at 5:45, getting our day off to a tired start for Mommy and Daddy. A few hours later I was rinsing a diaper in the toilet and flushed it only to start having it fill with water and water pour all over the bathroom floor. I grabbed the plunger but quickly realized it wasn’t normal or just clogged, so I called out to Chris. We shut off the water and called maintenance who came and confirmed that the problem was with the main drain line, which they went and fixed after a while. What a start to the day! I took Lewis out for our usual morning walk while Daddy worked hard to get the bathroom cleaned up, mop the floor, wash the wet towels we used to deal with the mess, etc. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who will jump in and deal with messes like this.

The rest of the day was more relaxed. We hung out and played, I made some tasty egg free pear muffins, and we went swimming again. It was a bit chillier than last time so we didn’t stay in long, but Lewis loved every minute of it.

Today we got to “sleep in” until 8:00. Chris got his father’s day present. (Some awesome Tegu blocks, which he then played with for most of the morning. Lewis also enjoys them, especially when we stick them to the fridge for him to pull off.) The rest of the day was a pretty typical Sunday for us with some cooking, dish-washing, and grocery shopping. We also walked over to TCBY for frozen yogurt since they had “free yogurt for dads” today. Chris and I enjoyed our treat, and I filled a separate dish with fresh blueberries and strawberry pieces for Lewis, which he was equally excited about.

As usual it was a nice weekend spent together, and we all are wishing it wasn’t back to Monday already tomorrow. At least this is a short week for us since Chris has Friday off and we will be heading to the camp for the long weekend. Now I’d better get myself off to bed (where my two boys have been for a while now already) since who knows what time the little one will decide we need to get up tomorrow. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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