Nine Months


Lewis reached the Nine Month milestone yesterday! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone and that we are only a few months off from having a 1-year-old. I thought it would be fun to write a post about all his likes/dislikes and accomplishments in different areas and whatever other random little facts I think of to add.

Favorite Toys:

Anything with velcro that he can pull apart and stick back together, especially his sandals. Also loves the velcro of his sandals as something to chew on.

Balls. He likes to see me and Chris toss and roll them, and is working on learning to throw and roll them himself.

Animals. He loves his animal toys. He seems interested in all of them, but especially focuses on the ones with big/bright eyes. He gets excited when he sees these across the room or sitting on a shelf.


Eating is still going great, and he is eating more and more. He loves fruits of all kinds and will it most veggies but isn’t as excited about them as fruit. Yogurt is a big favorite. He also enjoys meats. I often give him a small bowl of Cheerios and Puffs for “breakfast” just to keep him busy while I am doing morning things and eating my own breakfast, and he will pick out all the Puffs to eat first.

I got him to lie on his back long enough to take two pictures. This one was as he was starting to roll over.

I got him to lie on his back long enough to take two pictures. This one was as he was starting to roll over.


He is doing fantastic with falling asleep on his own for both naps and bedtime. He usually goes into the crib with a smile now and likes to wave bye-bye/night-night to Daddy before we go into the bedroom. He still wakes 2-3 times at night to nurse.


He’s had his two bottom teeth for a while now. His top gum is swollen and looks like his first two top teeth are getting ready to come in, but they haven’t broken through yet. He’s drooling a lot but doesn’t seem too bothered otherwise.

Physical Skills:

He is pro at crawling, pulling up on things, “cruising” holding the edge of furniture, walking with help, waving “hello” and “bye-bye”. He will sometimes let go when we are helping him stand or when he is standing holding furniture and stand for a few seconds on his own. These intervals are getting longer and more frequent, but he hasn’t tried to take any steps on his own yet. He is working on learning to throw things and likes to practice with his lunch. Today he was tossing peach slices.


He has always loved making lots of sounds. He is very good at saying “Da-da” and often says it directly to/at Chris, although he also makes this sound at other times. He makes lots of other different sounds too. He likes blowing raspberries, yelling, and yelling into the kazoo:

He is working a little bit on the “ma-ma”/”mum” sounds, but only once in a while.

Outside Time:

He absolutely loves the outdoors and would spend all his time outside if he could. He is becoming a lot more adventurous with walking/crawling on the grass. He still enjoys eating/chewing on sticks, flowers, grass, dirt, and rocks. If he sees a bug he will try to pick that up to eat it too, but he hasn’t been successful in catching any yet. He is loving water play in this warmer weather. We all went to the pool again on Sunday, for our second time there. We swam for about 20 minutes and after we got out he kept trying to pull us back over to the pool to get in and swim more.

"Hey! I see where you put that!"

“Hey! I see where you put that!”

I guess that is all that comes to mind right now to mention. We are loving our little 9-month boy and having so much fun seeing all his learning and curiosity. Can’t wait to see what else he is going to do and discover in the next few months!

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